Japanese ‘Uncle’ Turns Himself Into a Young Woman on YouTube

Japanese ‘Uncle’ Turns Himself Into a Young Woman on YouTubeJapanese ‘Uncle’ Turns Himself Into a Young Woman on YouTube
Bryan Ke
November 18, 2019
Himeni, a Japanese YouTuber who describes himself as a “middle-aged man,” transformed himself into a woman using cosmetic products.
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The YouTuber, who received the nickname “ossan” when he was 17 for his facial hair growth, caught the attention of many Japanese internet users with a video he posted earlier this month, according to SoraNews24.
“Ossan” is short for “ojisan,” or uncle, but sometimes refers to a middle-aged man. The term can sometimes come off as a compliment or insult depending on the context or how it is used.
Himeni starts off the video with a beard costume and talks about how he got the nickname “ossan.”
Screenshot via ひめにぃ様
The fake beard comes off a few seconds later and Himeni continues with the transformation. He begins applying the base foundation on his face and putting on colored contact lenses.
Screenshot via ひめにぃ様
Screenshot via ひめにぃ様
Himeni then uses pencils for his eyebrows, mascara, blush and lipstick for the facial features.
Screenshot via ひめにぃ様
Himeni is able to turn himself into a cosplay character after the final touches.
Screenshot via ひめにぃ様
Himeni reportedly received plenty of praise from Japanese internet users for his makeup skills.
Feature Image Screenshot via ひめにぃ様
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