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Chinese couple marry at age 94 after remeeting for first time in nearly 70 years

  • Xu Guizhen and Cao Zhenwei, a Chinese couple who have known each other since they were 16 years old, finally got married in 2020 after spending almost 70 years apart.
  • Xu and Cao, both 96, grew up together as their fathers owned a photo studio together in Weihai, a city in eastern China’s Shandong province.
  • The two families eventually moved to Shanghai, bringing along their business with them, amid the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937.
  • Xu and her family moved to another province years later, and they kept on moving to other places around China after that.
  • Xu and Cao finally reunited for good after Cao met Xu’s younger brother at a retired workers’ party in Shanghai in 2019.

A Chinese couple who have known each other since they were 16 years old have finally tied the knot after being apart for nearly 70 years.

Xu Guizhen and Cao Zhenwei, both 96 years old, were born on the exact same day in 1926. Their fates were intertwined due to the close friendship of their fathers, who started and operated a photo studio together in Weihai, a city in eastern China’s Shandong province.

Mandatory ‘love education’ course for college students gains support in China

love ed
  • The Chinese Ministry of Education has expressed support for a lawmaker’s proposal to include “love and marriage” values in the curriculum for universities and colleges in China.
  • National People Congress deputy Huang Xihua filed a proposal in March to teach tertiary students the skills needed to establish “the correct view of love, marriage and family” and “maintain family relationships.”
  • The initiative became a trending topic on Weibo, with many expressing their support and a few having doubts on the capacity of teachers in handling such a delicate subject.

A proposal to include “love and marriage” values in the curriculum for all universities and colleges is gaining traction in China. 

The National People Congress (NPC) deputy had earlier recommended that family education be made a compulsory course in tertiary education to encourage “vast and enthusiastic cultural activities on campus” and guide students in establishing “the correct view of love, marriage and family.” The proposal has received support from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Chinese woman develops unique numeral code to communicate with her husband after he loses ability to talk

Chinese woman numeral code

A Chinese woman invented a unique numeral code to communicate with her husband, who lost the ability to speak after a sudden heart attack and cerebral hemorrhage in 2012.

Luo Caiyun, 37, and her husband Hu Minglang, 51, met in 2007 at a nonprofit event and married two years later in 2009. The two are both from Fuyang, a southeastern Chinese province in Anhui, according to Yingzhou Evening News per South China Morning Post.  

‘Even if you can’t see anything, I’ll become your eyes’: Chinese man set to remarry seriously ill ex-wife

Man wants to remarry ex-wife after learning about her serious illness

A Chinese man is being recognized locally for rekindling his relationship with his ex-wife after finding out about her debilitating illness.

In sickness and in health: When Chen Zhenfeng, 38, learned that his ex-wife Xie Hongxia, 35, was suffering from kidney failure (end-stage renal disease), he decided he would take care of her, reported 8world per Mashable.

‘Konkatsu’: 1 in 6 Japanese marriages are a result of spouse hunting services

Japan marriages through matchmaking services konkatsu

One out of every six couples who were married in Japan last year were reportedly brought together by a matchmaking service known locally as “konkatsu.”

Konkatsu later: According to a recent survey, matchmaking activities, which include events and parties organized by marriage agencies and similar online services, accounted for 16.5% of all marriages in 2020, reported Nippon

How a Vietnamese Man and North Korean Woman’s Forbidden Love Waited 40 Years for Marriage

North Korea

About 48 years ago, Pham Ngoc Canh, a Vietnamese man who was sent to North Korea to study during the Vietnam War, met Ri Yong Hui, the woman he’d marry nearly four decades later.

Canh was one of 200 students that Vietnam sent to North Korea in 1967 to gain the skills needed for rebuilding the country once the war with the United States was over, according to Reuters.

Woman’s INSANE Story of Fiancé ‘Finding’ Her Lost Phone Sounds Straight Out of Netflix’s ‘You’

Japanese netizens are divided over a viral story about a woman who found out that her fiancé, who she met when he “found” her lost phone, was the same person who stole it.

Twitter user @ah44444h recently posted the story involving her friend who was about to get married to a mystery man she had not heard of before, translates Soranews24.