‘Walk to the light’: Woman’s final words to dying husband goes viral

‘Walk to the light’: Woman’s final words to dying husband goes viral
via Douyin

A video clip of the farewell was posted to Douyin on April 4, touching the hearts of many netizens in China

April 10, 2023
The final farewell of an 83-year-old woman to her dying 87-year-old husband has touched the hearts of Chinese netizens.
A video clip of the farewell, which was recorded by their grandson, surnamed Qi, was posted to Douyin on April 4. The intimate moment has now been viewed by nearly 4 million people.
In the video, the woman is seen encouraging her husband to “walk to the light” while gently stroking his hair. 
“Walk to the light. Don’t get lost,” the woman from Tianjin municipality whispered to her husband, according to the South China Morning Post. “Let go of everything. If it’s time to leave, let’s leave without regret.”
According to Qi, his grandmother remained strong in front of his grandfather, who suffered from lung cancer. 
She also spoke of a beautiful future with her husband despite knowing that it would not happen.
“Come home after your illness is cured. Let’s keep each other company for some more years and, at our 60th wedding anniversary, let’s ask our kids to hold a big party,” she said. “I won’t come to visit you in the coming days. I will wait for you at home.”
Qi said those who witnessed the farewell in the hospital ward were moved to tears.
Social media users who were touched by the farewell expressed their admiration for the couple’s love. 
“This is love. Despite how difficult it was for her to let go of him, she still hoped he would leave the world well,” one user reportedly wrote. 
“If my loved one would say these things to me when I was dying, I think I won’t be scared,” another user said.
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