Chinese Bus Driver Helps 23 Couples Find True Love After Turning Bus Into Matchmaking Agency

Chinese Bus Driver Helps 23 Couples Find True Love After Turning Bus Into Matchmaking Agency

August 24, 2018
A Chinese bus driver in Zhengzhou, the capital of China’s Henan province, uses his bus route as a matchmaking agency, and a quite successful one at that.
Yun Xi, also known affectionately as “Yue Lao on wheels” which is the deity of marriage, has been matchmaking on his bus since 2008.
The walls of his bus are adorned with dating profiles, complete with names, pictures, and personal information such as job, education, and hobbies. For this year’s Qixi Festival, or Chinese Valentine’s Day (Aug 17), he chose to feature 20 singles who are hoping to marry before the year is over.
The singles connect via WeChat, using group chats and QR codes that Yun has created for his hopeful bachelor and bachelorettes.
A dating profile on the bus, Image via YouTube
According to Sixth Tone, Yun was inspired by his father, who was a matchmaker in his rural hometown. The idea also came to him while driving on his route because he constantly overheard parents complaining that their children were single. Since his bus is always crowded with commuters, he thought it was the perfect opportunity for young singles to mingle.
Yun’s mobile matchmaking agency also hosts mixers on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), Singles’ Day (Nov 11) as well as May 20, which is also regarded as a romantic holiday in China.
Since starting his “love bus” in 2008, Yun has helped 23 now-married couples find love.
“I hope more people can find their loved ones on my bus. When I see two singles become a couple, my heart melts,” Yun told AsiaOne.
Feature Image via The Paper (left) and YouTube / GBTimes (right)
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