She Stays With Him as Deadly Eye Cancer Spreads All Over His Face

She Stays With Him as Deadly Eye Cancer Spreads All Over His Face
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
February 28, 2018
A woman in Thailand who stands by her cancer-stricken boyfriend is melting hearts on the internet.
The loving girlfriend, Atittaya Chumkeaw, has been taking care of Pooh Chokchai Kaew, who suffers from an end-stage eye cancer that spread across his face.
The couple’s third anniversary photo via Facebook / Atittaya Chumkeaw
The young couple went viral after Chumkeaw posted their third anniversary picture, which was shared by a Facebook group called “True Buddhism.”
“Third anniversary, love the same,” she captioned.
via Facebook / Atittaya Chumkeaw
Kaew suffers from retinoblastoma, a rare form of cancer that begins in the retina, the part of the eye responsible for light detection.
via Facebook / Atittaya Chumkeaw
According to True Buddhism, Kaew’s family disclosed that his condition has no other treatment option.
Kaew in 2016. Via Facebook / ป๋า โพ’พพพ
However, the 21-year-old “still hopes for a miracle and that the tumor will disappear.”
via Facebook / Atittaya Chumkeaw
According to the Daily Mail, the group’s moderator wrote:
“This post is not to give false hope to cancer patients. I admire the girl who is standing by her partner. Fans say the love that she gives to her boyfriend is the best thing she can offer. It may even cause miracles to happen.”
Kaew in 2015. Via Facebook / ป๋า โพ’พพพ
For now, the couple is holding on to their love for each other.
Netizens commented on their anniversary photo:
“Get well soon.”
“Cheer up.”
“Don’t be discouraged.”
“Keep fighting.”
“This is true love.”
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