45-Year-Old Man Gets Brutally Honest Love Advice from Elementary Student

45-Year-Old Man Gets Brutally Honest Love Advice from Elementary Student

March 19, 2018
Netizens were stunned after a 45-year-old Japanese man got schooled by an elementary student on how to be popular with women.
The man’s question was featured in the Q&A section of the latest issue of a popular children’s magazine in Japan, and posted online by Twitter user @otabeshimai:
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Question: ‘I’m a 45-year-old single man who’s worried about finding a girlfriend and getting married! Please teach me how to be popular with women,’” the man wrote, according to SoraNews24.
The answer was written as if it were actually advice given by an elementary schoolchild:
We’re not great with ladies so we can’t say anything, but people who are popular really annoy us. We also sometimes scream ‘People who live fulfilling lives are idiots.’ But even if we do that, we don’t become everyone’s favorite. In any case, we’ve heard of the seven K’s of becoming popular with women.
“Being cool (kakkoi), not being dirty (kitanakunai), not smelling terrible (kusakunai), being clever (kashikoi), having a way with words (kuchi ga umai), being empathic (kuki yomeru), and not comparing to other people (kurabenai). At least that’s what we’ve heard. Even if it’s impossible, please do your best.”
The student helped out the middle-aged man even further by suggesting that he go out with women his own age.
And you’re not trying to go for women in their twenties, since you’re 45, are you? You have to go after women in their forties, right? But if you find it difficult, why not just stay single? We think that it’s actually easier to live through life as a single in this current age,” the kid continued.
Netizens were not exactly sure how to react to the hard-hitting truth. Here are some of their comments, as translated by SoraNews24:
“Children are so frank and sensitive that it’s really astonishing.”
“These child writers are fantastic, but what gets me is a middle-aged guy asking such a creepy question.”
“What’s this? The advice is so spot on that I want to ask them some of my own too.”
“Is this really written by elementary school children?”
“This is published in a kids’ magazine? I’m sure it isn’t written by children.”
Whatever the case may be, the child surely has life already figured out.
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