Chinese Man Carrying Disabled Wife to Top of Mountain is Relationship Goals

Chinese Man Carrying Disabled Wife to Top of Mountain is Relationship Goals

October 25, 2017
A Chinese folk singer expressed his unconditional love for his disabled wife by literally carrying her to the top of Mount Tai for nearly a mile.
Local singer Zhang Yuhua, 44, of Liaocheng, Shandong Province, had to carry 10-kilogram (22-pound) sandbags daily to help him prepare for the arduous journey.
With a little help from his friends, Zhang was able to carry his wife, Song Qinghuan, for eight painstaking hours spanning a distance of 1,533 meters (1.5 kilometers) (0.95 miles) long.
According to ShanghaiistZhang’s wife had a dream of reaching the peak of Mount Tai ever since she recovered from an accident that placed her in a coma back in 2001.
While Song eventually woke up from the coma, she was still limited to moving in a wheelchair. However, the 44-year-old husband is determined to fulfill his wife’s dream of climbing one of China’s Five Great Mountains.
This isn’t the first time Zhang showed such exceptional love and dedication. He used to consistently sing love songs by his comatose wife’s bedside for six years.
“Persisting all these years has really been incredibly difficult for me. I just want to show my wife that she has love in her life, that she has a family, that we will, of course, create loving memories together,” Zhang explained.
If Zhang’s selfless dedication keeps up, he could be following in the footsteps of a certain elderly man who certainly did not let his age stop him from carrying his wife all the way across a street in Yunnan Province. This just goes to show that true love persists regardless of how difficult the circumstances are.
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