Man in China Tries to Find the ‘Love of His Life’ at Bookstore by Suing Her

Man in China Tries to Find the ‘Love of His Life’ at Bookstore by Suing HerMan in China Tries to Find the ‘Love of His Life’ at Bookstore by Suing Her
A man in Beijing, China has gone viral for his proactive attempts to find a woman he briefly encountered at a bookstore.
The man, identified only as Mr. Sun, became infatuated with the young woman after allegedly making “prolonged eye contact” with her at the Wangfujing bookstore in Beijing on Sept. 24, according to Chinese social media news platform What’s On Weibo.
In a classic case of the missed connection, neither party made a move and the woman soon disappeared without a trace.
Rather than allow the fleeting moment to pass, however, Sun — who referred to the woman as the potential “love of his life” — tried forcing the hand of fate in the only way he knew how: by re-visiting the bookstore, not once or twice, but for the next 50 days in a row, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
In lieu of work, he reportedly borrowed money from friends and family to support himself during this time.
Screenshot via YouTube / Pear Beijing
Unfortunately, his persistence went unrewarded as the woman never showed up again.
Still, in the pursuit of true love, Sun wasn’t about to let a mere 50 days of failure dampen his resolve. On Dec. 10, he decided to take matters a step further by heading down to the local court to sue the woman for “emotional distress,” hoping that the legal system would help him find her. His plans were foiled once again when the Dongcheng courthouse reportedly rejected his case.
Dongcheng courthouse. Image via YouTube / Pear Beijing
Love is love, however, and Sun remains steadfast. Speaking to reporters, he insists that he will continue to think of ways to find the woman, and will “figure out other ways if the normal way is not working.”
Netizens were split in their reactions to the story.
While some viewed Sun’s relentless dedication as romantic, others have labeled him a “maniac” and a “stalker,” fearing for the safety of the woman if she were to ever be found.
Still, others expressed concern for his mental health, citing the court documents he had prepared, which can be seen in the Pear Beijing video to read, “possibly lost the love of life, as well as the meaning of life.”
Creepy or cute, what do you think?
Featured Image via YouTube / Pear Beijing
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