Patient Man Makes Fiancée With Amnesia Fall in Love With Him Every Day

Patient Man Makes Fiancée With Amnesia Fall in Love With Him Every DayPatient Man Makes Fiancée With Amnesia Fall in Love With Him Every Day
An accident left a man’s fiancée with a severe case of amnesia five months before their planned wedding day.
Similar to what Adam Sandler’s character did in “50 First Dates,” 22-year-old Li Huayu dutifully spent the next two months trying to make his 24-year-old fiancée, Maruyama fall in love with him every single day, People reports.
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Based on the story featured on Japanese television show, TBS’ Yume Special, Maruyama was riding her bicycle to work in February of last year when she was hit by a car.
In an interview with the program, Maruyama shared that the injuries she sustained from the accident caused her to experience amnesia. She revealed that she could not remember her family or even what “family” meant.

“The doctor has yet to inform me, it is difficult to know if my memory will return,” she explained. “I live my life day-by-day. My boyfriend and I were scheduled to get married. However, we had to postpone it.”

According to Maruyama, her memory loss was so severe at the beginning that she often forgot what she looked like. She does, however, remember how to perform certain physical activities.
“I don’t remember what I look like,” she noted. “So I look in the mirror and tell myself, ‘Oh, this is my face.’ What I do remember is what my body remembers. For example, when you use the restroom, I can do that. The most helpful was I remembered how to use my cellphone.”
The next couple of weeks involved her waking up and then forgetting what had happened the day before, which meant her life had to start over each day.
“It used to be that I forgot what happened the day before so every day was a reset. For about two months, I was resetting every day,” she revealed.
Meanwhile, Li remained supportive of Maruyama during that challenging period, even if she was unsure whether he was a friend.
She reportedly felt then that it would be best to end their relationship so she could spare him from subjecting him to difficulty during her “situation.” However, Li was persistent in convincing his bride-to-be that he preferred to remain by her side.

“He liked how I used to be and he told me, ‘I like the way you are now.’ He was the only one who told me that,” she said. “That’s when I remember how it felt to like someone. I want to tell him I fell in love with you all over again, for the second time.”
Maruyama, who was convinced by her doctors to keep a daily journal, further stated: “I wasn’t the girl I used to be. I was hesitant but he told me, ‘If you don’t have memories, we can make new ones.’“
Li would start each morning by reminding Marayuma who he was, and tell her details on how they had fallen in love and what had happened to her in the accident.
Maruyama was so enamoured with Li’s commitment that she decided to show that her love for him had not gone away by proposing to him with the help of the TV show.
“My doctor has told me due to my amnesia my memory loss may be irreversible, there’s a 50% chance,” said Maruyama during her proposal, which was filmed by the show at Disneyland. “Despite that, will you be with me?”

Li responded with a quick “yes.”

“I promise to not go anywhere and she will be well taken care of by me,” Li said. “There’s a possibility that she may forget again or she may remember as she has been. But even if she loses her memory again, I won’t leave her side. I chose her.”
“Because of my amnesia, I have the chance to fall in love with him again,” Maruyama later said in an interview. “No matter how many times I lose my memory, I believe I will always fall in love with him.’
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