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Boba Fans Face Massive Tapioca Shortage in US

The U.S. is seeing a massive shortage of boba — or bubble tea — as tapioca starch shipments from overseas are delayed due to the recent shipping disaster in the Suez Canal, among other reasons.

Tommy Huang, senior sales manager at Hayward’s Leadway International Inc., one of Northern California’s largest boba suppliers, predicted tapioca pearls would become a luxury “in the next week or so” due to the shortage, according to the SF Chronicles.

Community and City Councilmember Come Together to Defend Boba Shop

Cafe tapioca

Past patrons, social media users and a city councilmember have come together in support of a family-owned business after becoming the target of an online smear campaign by a customer who was reportedly given the wrong order.

Cafe Tapioca, a popular bubble tea shop in Hercules, California, has been receiving negative reviews on Yelp from customer Jessica Breaux and her friends.

This is Probably the Best Face Mask for Drinking Bubble Tea

The world has changed so much in 2020 — for one, wearing a face mask is now an essential part of life. We all have to wear one to protect others around us, but we have one big problem: having to take our masks off to simply have a drink, which could potentially expose ourselves and others.  What if you could drink with your mask on AND stay completely covered and unexposed?

This is the genius behind the Redee Mask, a creation of a New Jersey-based company founded by Asian American entrepreneur Ryan Lee who previously made headlines for Redee Patch, a patch designed to fight “Asian glow”.

Boba Guys Forced to Lay Off 90% of Staff as Coronavirus Hurts Small Businesses

As COVID-19 continues to hurt small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across America, San Francisco-based bubble milk tea store, Boba Guys, has announced that they had to lay off 90% of their staff in order to prevent drying up.

Boba Guys was founded by entrepreneurs Andrew Chau and Bin Chen in 2011, and has since taken pride in offering products of “next level quality.” Their outlets can be found in major cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Boba Barista Creates Eco-Friendly Boba Bottle You Can Take With You Anywhere

Galina Lang has worked for three years as a part-time boba barista while studying marketing at a Bay Area university when she began to notice the mounds of plastic cups and straws piling up every day.

“More than 60,000,000 plastic boba cups are estimated to end up in the ocean on an annual basis until 2023,” she told NextShark. While so many of us drink boba regularly without a second thought, our addiction could also have terrible implications for the environment.