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Milk tea brand in China recalled for looking too similar to laundry detergent

  • A milk tea brand in China was recalled after customers complained that its packaging looks alarmingly similar to laundry detergent bottles.
  • The Thai milk tea packaging, designed by Nanyeli Thai Food Restaurant in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, used a handle, lid and label design similar to those of laundry detergent and cleaning products.
  • Customers were concerned that the packaging could harm children by leading them to believe that laundry detergent bottles contain milk tea.
  • Nanyeli Thai Food Restaurant will be launching an investigation into the design of the milk tea product.

A milk tea brand with packaging that has a striking resemblance to laundry detergent bottles has been recalled after customers feared that children may mistakenly drink cleaning products believing it to be milk tea.

Nanyeli Thai Food Restaurant, based in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, produce the Thai-style milk tea with packaging that uses a label, handle and lid design similar to those of laundry detergent bottles. Three of the restaurant’s chain outlets were selling the milk tea products in 500ml bottles across Nanjing.

Milk tea eggs: New York City boba shops are helping fuel new viral drink trend

Boba chains in New York City are selling boba drinks in limited-edition egg-shaped containers.

I’Milky, founded originally as Mu Bai in Taiwan in 2017, had previously sold their Magic Eggs collectibles in April and May in 2021. This year, the international chain brought back their three Magic Egg drinks exclusively at their Midtown and Williamsburg locations in New York City. 

San Francisco boba shop served as front for global car burglary ring, DA Boudin reveals

  • A Quickly Boba Tea Cafe in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood served as a storage site for an international fencing ring, according to the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Around 1,000 stolen electronics — including laptops, phones and tablets — were discovered in the shop on Larkin Street.
  • The discovery was part of a larger investigation called Operation Auto Pilot, which has been going on for over a year and has so far uncovered sales in Asia and Europe.
  • Authorities found shipping records to territories and countries such as Hong Kong and Vietnam at the Quickly shop.
  • Le has been charged with eight felony counts and four misdemeanor counts of possession of stolen property.
  • His wife, who owns the Quickly franchise, was not charged.

A Quickly boba shop in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood served as a storage site for an international fencing ring, District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced on Tuesday.

Some 1,000 stolen electronic devices were recovered from the shop on Larkin Street. Quoc Le, 41, was arrested and faces at least a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges of possession of stolen property.

‘Really delicious’: Bubble tea chain offers up boba tteokbokki drink for April Fool’s

Pearl Tteokbokki
  • “Pearl-Bokki” was featured as a limited edition item on Taiwanese boba chain The Alley’s April Fools’ menu sold at three South Korean locations.
  • The Alley mixed their special “Deerioca” pearls in traditional tteokbokki to make “Pearl-Bokki.”

Taiwanese boba chain The Alley created a boba tteokbokki drink in celebration of this past April Fools’ weekend.

From April 1st to April 3rd, customers were able to purchase “Pearl-Bokki” for 2,800 won (approximately $2.31) from the popular boba chain’s April Fool’s limited menu available at three South Korean locations: Garosu-gil, Goyang Starfield and Starfield Hanam.

Viral TikTok reveals Starbucks U.S. is testing out ‘coffee popping pearls’

Starbucks Coffee Pearls
  • Starbucks confirmed they are testing a new product called “coffee popping pearls” at two franchises in California and Washington state.
  • Unlike typical tapioca balls from bubble tea, these coffee pearls burst when bitten and contain liquid coffee inside.
  • Similar Starbucks products have previously debuted in other markets, but this appears to be the first test in the U.S.

Starbucks is testing a new coffee topping, “coffee popping pearls,” which burst into liquid coffee when bitten, at two West Coast locations. 

The topping, which resembles boba, was reviewed in a viral TikTok in which the taste was described as “okay, but weirdly salty-sweet.” Unlike the solid tapioca balls usually found in bubble tea, these pearls seem to be mostly liquid and contain Brazilian coffee.  

Video: Angry customer douses two men with boba drink because they could not deliver it to her doorstep

customer throws boba drink at delivery man and security guard

An enraged Chinese woman threw bubble tea onto a delivery man and security guard when they could not bring the drink directly to her apartment door. 

The incident: A woman in a white shirt and black bucket hat can be seen yelling at a delivery man and a security guard before throwing her bubble tea order at them in a now-viral Facebook video

Boba Fans Face Massive Tapioca Shortage in US

The U.S. is seeing a massive shortage of boba — or bubble tea — as tapioca starch shipments from overseas are delayed due to the recent shipping disaster in the Suez Canal, among other reasons.

Tommy Huang, senior sales manager at Hayward’s Leadway International Inc., one of Northern California’s largest boba suppliers, predicted tapioca pearls would become a luxury “in the next week or so” due to the shortage, according to the SF Chronicles.

Community and City Councilmember Come Together to Defend Boba Shop

Cafe tapioca

Past patrons, social media users and a city councilmember have come together in support of a family-owned business after becoming the target of an online smear campaign by a customer who was reportedly given the wrong order.

Cafe Tapioca, a popular bubble tea shop in Hercules, California, has been receiving negative reviews on Yelp from customer Jessica Breaux and her friends.