TikTok user outsmarts $1 bubble tea chain promo

TikTok user outsmarts $1 bubble tea chain promo
via @nothingaboutsteven
Editorial Staff
March 27, 2023
A TikTok user recently took advantage of a bring-your-own-cup promo at a bubble tea shop by bringing a giant wine glass.
On Sunday, TikTok user @nothingaboutsteven posted a short clip about how he and his friends outsmarted a LiHO Tea branch in Singapore.
“Bring your own cup to get a bubble tea at $1?” the onscreen text says at the start of his 20-second video. 
The clip then shows a LiHO employee filling a giant wine glass with at least two regular orders of tea.
One of @nothingaboutsteven’s friends can then be seen claiming their order and placing their huge glass beside two other glasses of the same size.
LiHO Tea Singapore announced the special promo on social media on Thursday, writing, “Bring any size of reusable bottle to any LiHO Tea outlet and you can enjoy LiHO Tea’s Signature Da Hong Pao Tea… As long as there are no wastage, we will fill it to the brim!”
Customers who visited LiHO Tea on Saturday were expected to pay 1 Singaporean dollar (approximately $0.75) for the oolong tea.
Several TikTok users were quick to comment on @nothingaboutsteven’s video, which has already gained over 144,000 views.
“But why… even if u [sic] manage to finish it’ll just be detrimental to your health,” one TikTok user wrote.
“Nice. They get free publicty [sic] then they’ll change the rules after,” another user said.
“The way I see it, if you bring such a glass, you deserve for it to be filled,” another declared.
To address comments about food waste, @nothingaboutsteven explained in the comment section that the glasses were shared with other people, writing, “All the tea is distributed to all friends after the video. For those who are concerned about food waste no worries… we took 15 people to finish.”

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