Milk tea eggs: New York City boba shops are helping fuel new viral drink trend

Milk tea eggs: New York City boba shops are helping fuel new viral drink trendMilk tea eggs: New York City boba shops are helping fuel new viral drink trend
Celine Pun
May 18, 2022
Boba chains in New York City are selling boba drinks in limited-edition egg-shaped containers.
I’Milky, founded originally as Mu Bai in Taiwan in 2017, had previously sold their Magic Eggs collectibles in April and May in 2021. This year, the international chain brought back their three Magic Egg drinks exclusively at their Midtown and Williamsburg locations in New York City. 
In their Instagram post, they called their egg collectable “a drink, dessert, and collectable all in one.”
All the Magic Eggs contain a unique drink poured over a fluffy bed of panna cotta that has been refrigerated on an incline to get the tilted effect. The Happy Magic Egg is made with pureed fresh strawberries in a pink egg cup, the Golden Magic Egg is filled with mango coconut in a golden egg cup, and the Galaxy Magic Egg is the classic brown sugar boba in a sparkly night-sky-colored egg cup.
The chain’s Magic Eggs are only available for purchase at 12 p.m., 3.30 p.m, and 6 p.m. EST. A total of 100 eggs per day at their Midtown location and 50 eggs per day are sold at their Williamsburg location. Customers can purchase up to two Magic Eggs for $11.50 each a day. 
Additionally, for every purchase, customers are able to choose from a basket of Easter eggs to win more prizes.
I’Milky’s Magic Eggs will be sold until May 31. 
Biao Sugar, founded in China in 2018, is another boba chain selling boba drinks in egg-shaped containers. Theirs cost $7.50 each in their New York City locations.
Biao Sugar will offer 30 eggs per day, selling 10 each at 12 p.m., 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. EST. Their Devil’s Egg is a navy-colored egg cup filled with brown sugar boba and milk foam. Their Angel’s Egg is a white egg cup with brown sugar boba, milk, coffee foam and coffee jelly. 
In their Koreatown location, Biao Sugar customers can get their drinks from a giant golden tiger’s mouth. 
Biao Sugar also offers 40% off refills when customers return to reuse their empty eggs.
Some customers who purchased these limited-edition egg-shaped boba drinks have shared creative ways of reusing the egg containers on TikTok, such as making their own colorful drinks inside the collectable containers.
Featured Image via I’Milky (left) / BIAO (right)
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