Gong Cha, Heinz launch ketchup-flavored ‘boba’ in Singapore

Gong Cha, Heinz launch ketchup-flavored ‘boba’ in Singapore
Bryan Ke
October 3, 2022
While it may sound like an early April Fools’ joke, Gong Cha Singapore has collaborated with Heinz to introduce ketchup-flavored “boba” – without pearls.
The new tomato drinks, a curveball that many Gong Cha and Heinz fans did not see coming, were released in Singapore on Sept. 29 as part of Gong Cha’s Tomato BBT (bubble tea) series.
The pearl-less drinks, priced at 7.80 SGD (approximately $5) per bottle, come in two flavors: “Pomato Bomb” (tomato, pear and pomegranate) and “Berry Mary” (tomato and raspberry).
While some Instagram users who commented on a recent Singapore Foodie post expressed intrigue, others appeared appalled, with one user commenting a series of throwing up emojis and another writing, “Where does the idea of this combination even come from.”
Heading over to Twitter, one user wrote, “The Heinz and Gong Cha collab nobody asked for.”
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In a recent review, Mothership rated “Pomato Bomb” five out of 10, explaining that the drink is “slightly sour” but “worth trying once. Just once.” Meanwhile, the online publication rated “Berry Mary” four out of 10, noting that the drink “smells a lot like Heinz ketchup.”
Meanwhile, YouTube channel Goody Feed TV conducted a taste test for the new drinks and claimed in their final verdict that the Gong Cha x Heinz collaboration is “not FOOD KING good.”
There’s an off-putting taste,” one of the women says in the taste test video, to which the other woman replies, “And the off-putting taste is the tomato ketchup – why would they ruin it?”
Featured Image via Goody Feed TV
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