Google Doodle celebrates bubble tea with interactive game

Google Doodle celebrates bubble tea with interactive game
via Google Doodle
Bryan Ke
January 30, 2023
Google is celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of the bubble tea emoji with a new interactive Doodle that’s also an adorable mini game.
The new Google Doodle, which was launched on Sunday, was designed by Sophie Diao and Celine You, with Brian Murray and Stephanie Gu handling the engineering side.
Satisfy your craving and make a yummy cup of bubble tea in today’s interactive Doodle, which features Taiwan’s indigenous Formosan Mountain Dog as well as a crew of familiar Doodle characters,” Google wrote.
According to the multinational tech company, Diao and You hand-drew all of the elements of the special Doodle.
To play the game, bubble tea fans need to fill cups with ingredients – without going above or below designated lines.
Players must complete five orders to finish the game. While the mechanics are simple, the game tends to increase in difficulty as each customer has specific preferences, from their sugar level to their tea-to-pearl ratio.
Players are then rated from zero stars to three stars depending on how well they perform when preparing the orders.
On Jan. 29, 2020, bubble tea – which has been around since the 1980s – officially became an emoji on both Android and Apple devices.
Taiwanese immigrants introduced the popular drink to the U.S., and countless shops around the world are still experimenting with new flavors for consumers to enjoy, from Chinese cough medicine bubble tea to alcohol-infused drink Tipsy Tea.

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