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‘They Took Everything’: LA Koreatown Tattoo Shop Burglarized Before Getting a Chance to Reopen

Bad Hands LA

A tattoo shop owner in Koreatown, Los Angeles is asking the public for help after falling victim to a burglary that left his place of business in shambles.

“Bad Hands LA,” located at 329 N. Western Ave., was broken into around 2 a.m. on Jan. 29 — a day after personal care establishments were allowed to reopen at 25% indoor capacity.

Japan’s Supreme Court ‘Legalizes’ Tattoos in Historic Ruling


The Supreme Court of Japan ruled on Wednesday that tattooing people without a medical license is legal in a historic ruling, according to The Japan Times.

Tattoos in Japan have remained a taboo point of art culture for being associated with members of Yakuza crime syndicates. Even today, many public facilities in Japan like bathhouses or swimming pools will not allow individuals with tattoos to enter.

103-Year-Old Filipina Tattoo Artist is the Last One of Traditional Kalinga Style


Whang-Od Oggay, who is popularly known as Apo Whang-Od, is the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines at 103 years old and is the last mambabatok – or traditional Kalinga tattooist – in the country.

Whang-Od, who lives in the village of Buscalan in Kalinga province, started tattooing headhunters with the help of her father at the age of 15, according to My Modern Met.

Ariana Grande Tried to Fix Her Japanese Tattoo And it’s Even Worse Than Before

ariana grande

Yesterday, Ariana Grande made headlines with her tragic tattoo blunder which consequently became a viral joke on twitter. The singer’s new palm tattoo was meant to read “7 Rings” to commemorate the success of her single; however, the Kanji symbols “七輪” actually means “sichirin” or a small Japanese BBQ grill.

Twitter users were quick to point out that while the symbols “七” and “輪” mean “seven” and “ring” respectively when standing alone, this unfortunately was not the case when the symbols were put together.

Ariana Grande’s New Japanese Tattoo Doesn’t Mean What She Thinks it Does

ariana grande

Last night Ariana Grande revealed her new dainty palm tattoo, which was meant to say “7 Rings,” to commemorate the success of her new single. However, native Japanese speakers pointed out in the comments that the tattoo actually meant “BBQ Grill” in Japanese.

Although Ariana quickly took down the original Instagram post, Twitter users weren’t going to let her off that easy.