Thai Woman Gets $9 ‘Dandelion Tattoo,’ Immediately Regrets It

Thai Woman Gets $9 ‘Dandelion Tattoo,’ Immediately Regrets It
Ryan General
October 11, 2018
A woman from Sakon Nakhon, Thailand thought she found a great bargain for a tattoo last Sunday when an “artist” offered to ink her a “dandelion” for just 300 Thai Baht ($9).
The client, Alisa Kingkan, however received a tattoo that was completely different.
In her Facebook rant about the disappointing tattoo session, Kingkan wrote that she simply wanted a “beautiful dandelion being blown in the wind” but what she got instead was “a pile of crosses being tossed into the air.”
According to the 26-year-old customer, she came across a tattoo booth while shopping with her sister on Sunday night. A sign at the booth offered a tattoo service which starts at an unbelievably low rate of just 20 Thai baht ($0.60).
When Kingkan showed the shop owner an image of a dandelion tattoo as a reference, she was told that such a tattoo would cost her 300 Thai baht ($9).
“I asked him if he could imitate the dandelion photo, and he said yes … I didn’t get the tattoo just because it was cheap. Who would think it would turn out this way? He has his shop and everything, so I thought he could actually tattoo,” she wrote on her Facebook post.
Kingkan revealed that she felt something very unusual as her “tattoo artist” was smoking and drinking beer during the entire process. When she finally saw the work in the mirror after he was finished, she started crying.
In an interview with local press, Kingkan said the artist simply told her: “Just look at it as art, it kinda looks similar [to your reference].”
The man reportedly offered to fix her tattoo, but she refused because she was afraid it might end up looking even worse. Instead, she filed a police complaint against her artist and posted images of her tattoo on Facebook as a warning to others.
After the post went viral, many tattoo artists have reportedly reached out to Kingkan offering to help fix her tattoo.
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