Asian Guy Who Got Patriots Tattoo Before Super Bowl is What Regret Looks Like

Asian Guy Who Got Patriots Tattoo Before Super Bowl is What Regret Looks Like
Heather Johnson Yu
February 7, 2018
If you’re upset about the Patriots’ loss on Sunday, you’re not alone — one super fan is probably regretting his tattoo immensely right now, as he dedicated a portion of his shoulder to showcasing the Patriots’ super bowl wins, predicting (incorrectly) that this year’s would be among them.
patriots tattoo
The fan, a Northeastern student named Eddie Ferrini, was extremely confident about the Patriots’ win when he got his tattoo nearly two weeks ago. “I’m pretty confident they’re going to win,” Ferrini told CBS Boston before the Super Bowl. “I mean my friends have always thought I was nuts.”
Bolstered by this confidence, he chose to place the tattoo celebrating the win — along with previous victories — on his right shoulder blade. He posted the tattoo to his instagram account, where it soon went viral. “A lot of people thinking I jinxed it,” he said of the comments, “but I don’t believe in that kind of thing so I think we’ll be all set”.
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Initially, the tattoo artist tried talking Ferrini out of the “LII” in the event that the Patriots didn’t win. Ferrini was adamant, however, certain that he would come out ahead either way. “If they do lose, they’re going to win next year,” Ferrini had said. “Add another ‘I’ on the end.”
The confident fan also cleaned out his entire life savings to fly out to see the Patriots play, saying he would rely on scalpers to get tickets for the big game.
And in the event they didn’t win (spoilers — they didn’t)?
“I’ll probably just get into ice fishing,” he says, promising to stay there to reflect on his hasty decision.
A quick look on his instagram shows an edited version of the tattoo — in photoshop, not on skin, unfortunately.
patriots tattoo
Let us know if the fish are biting, Ferrini!
Featured Image via Instagram / ef_34
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