Botched cosmetic tattoo done on a budget leaves Thai woman with four eyebrows

Botched cosmetic tattoo done on a budget leaves Thai woman with four eyebrows
Rebecca Moon
September 6, 2022
After visiting a budget clinic for a cosmetic tattoo, a Thai woman was horrified after seeing that the tattoo artist had drawn two dark eyebrows above her natural brows. 
For an upcoming trip with friends, Nipapron Meeking, 32, visited a budget clinic with a friend’s recommendation to receive an eyebrow tattoo. 
“I remember planning a trip with my friends and wanting new eyebrows to look pretty,” Nipapron was quoted as saying. “A friend suggested a shop for me. After the procedure, I looked in the mirror and was speechless.”
Nipapron paid 1,500 baht (approximately $41) at the clinic located in Rayong province, Thailand, and when she looked in the mirror after the work was finished, she discovered two dark arches inked above her natural brows. 

Following her complaint, the tattoo artist promised to remove the botched eyebrows. The clinic, however, suddenly closed down the next day, and Nipapron was unable to contact the owners. 
The 32-year-old said she felt so insecure that she hid away at home for a year until another tattoo artist offered to fix her eyebrows for free. 
Pattawee Phumkasem, 32, offered to remove Nipapron’s botched eyebrows and give her new ones. 
“After seeing Nipapron’s condition, I knew I had to help her. It normally costs 15,000 Thai baht [approximately $410] but I’m willing to do it for free,” Pattawee was quoted as saying. 
He added that the procedure would take three months as the old ink must be removed and faded before tattooing the new brows. 
The procedure went smoothly and Nipapron was able to regain her confidence. 
“I had a terrible time living with four eyebrows on my forehead, but luckily I found this new tattoo artist. With this new artist, I can finally live a normal life,” Nipapron reportedly said.
Featured Image via AmarinTV
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