Razer CEO Gives Fan Free Phone After Getting Permanent Tattoo of His Face

Razer CEO Gives Fan Free Phone After Getting Permanent Tattoo of His Face
Bryan Ke
December 7, 2017
One fan of Singapore-based tech manufacturer Razer stood by his promise last month when he messaged the company’s founder Min-Liang Tan about getting a permanent tattoo of his face on his leg in exchange for a free Razer Phone.
On Nov. 25, Tan received a comment on his Facebook account from a 28-year-old man named Matt Connelly with the message, “can I tattoo your face on me in exchange for a razer phone?”
Image via Facebook
In response, Tan accepted the “challenge”, and to add more to the prize pot, he even said that he would personally sign the box when he ships it out.
Much to everyone’s surprise, Connelly actually fulfilled his promise. More than a week after his comment, he tagged Tan with a picture showing the new tattoo on his leg with the founder’s face wearing sunglasses.
Connelly called the art piece “The Terminator,” probably due to how it resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of the futuristic robot sent back in time to save members of the Connor family.
Image via Facebook
A Razer employee confirmed on Wednesday that the company will uphold its side of the deal by sending Connelly a brand new Razer Phone, Channel NewsAsia reported.
Our fans show their support for us in the most incredible ways,” a company spokesperson said. “It drives us to create phenomenal products to earn that kind of loyalty.
It’s a good thing Connelly already bagged himself a Razer Phone because on Wednesday, Tan broke the news on his Facebook page that the company’s new and first ever smartphone has a very high demand and it is constantly sold out.
The Razer Phone has been sold out constantly due to the insane demand and we’ve been doing everything to keep it in stock….but there are those who would go to all extents to get a Razer Phone and Matt C has taken it to an all new level – by tattooing my face on himself. Congrats Matt – well played, the CEO wrote.
This is only a one-time deal, but many fans still tried to pull the same “challenge” and asked for the more pricey Razer Blade Pro. One netizen proposed getting a tattoo on his butt in exchange for two Razer Phones.
Featured Image via Facebook / Min-Liang Tan
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