Japanese Man Drugs Cafe Maid, Tattoos His Initial on Her Butt

Japanese Man Drugs Cafe Maid, Tattoos His Initial on Her ButtJapanese Man Drugs Cafe Maid, Tattoos His Initial on Her Butt
Bryan Ke
January 8, 2018
Police in Japan arrested a 43-year-old man named Naohiro Kobayashi from Taito District, Tokyo, after allegations that he tattooed his initial “N” on the butt of a maid cafe employee.
The incident occurred in November after Kobayashi invited the 19-year-old employee back to his place and made her drink juice with an extremely high alcohol level of 90%, according to Nippon News Network, as translated by SoraNews24.
The spiked drink made her unconscious, and that’s when Kobayashi began to tattoo his initial on her butt five times using only a safety pin and black magic-ink.
What made it even creepier is that the neighbors’ statement to the police revealed that Kobayashi would often bring women back to his apartment, and all of whom are believed to be in their teens or early 20s.
While speaking to the officers, Kobayashi, who was an investor and part of the management of the maid cafe that the victim worked at, admitted to his crimes.
“I wanted to show that she was my woman. To confirm our love,” he said.
The news did not sit well with many netizens in Japan. Some of the comments read:
“What an awful, terrible person.”
“Disgusting. That girl was young enough to be his daughter.”
“Wow. To knock her unconscious with just alcohol, he could’ve killed her with alcohol poisoning.”
“Yeah, that’s not ‘tattooing,’ that’s just assault.”
Kobayashi’s actions were no doubt creepy, but not as bizarre as the man who broke his floor in Fukuoka, Japan just to destroy a neighbor’s television with a large piece of wood for being too loud.
Featured Image Screenshot via Nippon News Network
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