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Two Korean Adoptees Bonded Over Discrimination And Became Each Other’s ‘Seoulmates’

Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted on Love What Matters and was reposted with permission from the author.

LOVE – a word, a feeling, a song title… Regardless of the definition you choose, love touches us every single day. Even if we aren’t expressing or receiving it, it’s the motivation for many of our actions. I’ve heard from human behavior professionals that everything humans do (besides life essentials) is done out of need for love and belonging. I think we can agree that one thing everybody shares is the ability to understand and speak the language of love. Love is what gives our lives meaning and pushes us to be more than creatures that just live to be alive. Love is the reason I’m sharing my story…

Magician Shin Lim is Getting Married and His Relationship is Truly Magical

Magician Shin Lim wowed audiences last year on “America’s Got Talent” with his jaw-dropping card trick, but what’s really stealing the show now is his adorable relationship with his soon-to-be wife Casey Thomas.

Lim and Thomas actually met at his residency at Studio City, a hotel and casino resort in Macau, where Lim and Thomas both performed at the House of Magic show.

Chinese Programmer Creates Chat Bot to Reply to His Girlfriend While He’s at Work

After realizing that he has been neglecting his girlfriend because of his work, a Chinese programmer created a chatbot that replies to his partner’s messages instantaneously.

Li Kaixiang, a software engineer working for Chinese e-commerce company, created the program so that he could send sweet messages to his girlfriend while he is busy at work, according to Abacus News.

Insta Famous Photographer Who C‌he‌ate‌d on His Girlfriend of 8 Years Becomes a B‌‌r‌‌u‌t‌a‌‌l Meme

geoff hamanishi

Asian Twitter has been using the hashtags “the93044” and “geoff” to ex‌po‌se‌ a man who ch‌ea‌t‌ed on his girlfriend of eight years.

Geoff Hamanishi, who gained fame through his Instagram account @the93044 where he was seemingly the epitome of the supportive and loyal boyfriend, sparked online cont‌ro‌ver‌sy and was called out for ch‌ea‌ti‌ng on his girlfriend, Kassandra.