12 women in Thailand fear lawsuit after discovering they all had sex with the same married man

12 women in Thailand fear lawsuit after discovering they all had sex with the same married man
Michelle De Pacina
July 18, 2022
Twelve Thai women approached a lawyer for advice after discovering that the same man they all met online and carried on separate sexual relationships with is married.
The 60-year-old married man, identified as Pu, reportedly created eight Facebook accounts, four Instagram accounts and three Line accounts to draw women into sexual relationships.
Pu, who allegedly targeted single mothers, told the women that he worked as the managing director of a Japanese company in Thailand. 
His infidelity came to light when one of the women, Noo Ya, 56, revealed on Facebook how Pu ended their relationship after she posted about them on social media. She claimed Pu told her that he had divorced his wife eight years ago and wanted to be in a serious relationship with her. Ya said their relationship went well in the beginning, but Pu had always wanted to keep their relationship a secret. 
The Facebook post apparently caught the attention of other women, all aged 40-60, who knew Pu and had similar experiences. Eleven other women came forward, revealing how the philanderer had also cheated on them, according to Ya.
The 12 victims, who did not know each other before, approached Thai lawyer Ratchapon Sirisakhon on July 17 in the central province of Nonthaburi. The women asked for legal advice as they were afraid of being sued by Pu’s wife, according to Sirisakhon. Thai law allows the first legal wife of a man to sue those who have an affair with their husband, granted that they are were not “lured” into a relationship, according to The Thaiger.
There have reportedly been mistresses in Thailand who were sued for between 500,000 baht (approximately $13,645) to 5,000,000 baht (approximately $136,453) in the past.
Ya said she wanted to apologize to Pu’s wife for how she and the other women became his mistresses without being aware of the man’s existing marriage.  
The lawyer advised the women to file separate complaints against Pu to the police. 
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