Chinese Man Captures French Woman’s Heart With Epic Martial Arts Skills

Chinese Man Captures French Woman’s Heart With Epic Martial Arts Skills
Ryan General
June 21, 2017
Chinese netizens are currently engrossed in the love story between two martial arts enthusiasts after their story began making the rounds on local social media.
Recently married Chinese martial artist Sun Renzhi and his French wife Pauline met five years ago during a Chinese culture exhibition in Paris, SCMP reports.
Sun, a native of Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province, was then performing a wushu routine when Pauline first saw him in 2012. She was immediately captivated by his passion for martial arts.
According to Pauline, she was immensely impressed by Sun’s performance that she was inspired to know more about the Chinese culture. It was 2012 then, and at the time, Sun was still a student at a Paris business school.
The following year, after Sun’s graduation, he returned to China, bringing Pauline along with him.
Upon their arrival in Jiangsu Province, Pauline immediately began learning Mandarin at a local university. While it was Pauline’s first time to visit China, she revealed she has always been looking forward to learning more about the country and the Chinese people.
When she discovered that Sun’s mother was also a Wushu expert, Pauline decided to learn the martial art herself.
The couple officially became husband and wife two years later in a marriage ceremony in Nanjing. They exchanged their vows again when they returned to France a year later.  
Sun and Pauline, who now live in Paris, have caught the Chinese media’s attention after a Paris-based Chinese blogger featured their story in a video.
Their story has been featured on numerous sites and has gone viral on local social media.
In interviews, Pauline has often showered his husband in praises, saying she loves his sense of humor, confidence, ambition and the way he respects her.
Sun also loves many things about his wife but admits that he finds her “independence” as his favorite.
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