How One Woman’s Love Made Conor McGregor One of the World’s Greatest UFC Fighters

How One Woman’s Love Made Conor McGregor One of the World’s Greatest UFC FightersHow One Woman’s Love Made Conor McGregor One of the World’s Greatest UFC Fighters
MMA fighter Conor “The Notorious” McGregor is currently the UFC Featherweight Champion. The 27-year-old from of Dublin, Ireland is on a 15-fight winning streak and holds the title for the fastest world title knockout of an opponent after he KO’ed Jose Aldo last December in an impressive 13 seconds.
McGregor is an undisputed champion, but none of this, he says, would be possible without the support of his longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin.

Words can’t describe this!

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McGregor’s success is just another example of how success comes not just from hard work and smart moves, but from finding the right partner. Entrepreneur Craig Clemens explained it best with this anecdote:
“I heard a story about a recent conference where they had the most self-made billionaires ever together in one room. Someone posed the question, “What is the most important thing that you would say it takes to become a billionaire? What do you all have in common?” After a short debate, they all came to a unanimous agreement: The one thing most responsible for their success was having a great partner. It wasn’t setting goals, or time management, or being in the right industry. All of those things helped too of course but they all agreed… having a great, long term partner was critical to their success.”

National Ice Cream Day 😊

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McGregor has recounted many times how Devlin, 28, has supported and stuck by his side, even when he had virtually nothing. According to Mirror, McGregor told MMA Fighting last year:
“My girlfriend worked very hard throughout the years and stuck by me when I had essentially absolutely nothing. I only had a dream that I was telling her.”
“For me to be able to take her out of work, give her everything she’s ever wanted and to travel the world with her fills me with pride. It keeps me going.”

Me and my ❤️

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Devlin, who also comes from Dublin, has been with McGregor for 8 years now. When McGregor, who has been a pro-fighter since 2008, became successful, he hired Devlin so she wouldn’t have to find a conventional job, also allowing them to be together more.
“She does not work anymore, I hired her to the business. She works for me now and collects the cheques.”

His & Hers.

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When he’s not fighting, McGregor and Devlin love to travel and shop together.
“My girlfriend has been there since the start. She has helped me throughout this career. If It wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. So definitely, I love to spoil her.”

Thanks babe for the best birthday weekend ever!! ❤️

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McGregor will never forget that his success wouldn’t be a reality without Devlin’s unwavering support. McGregor told Mirror last December:
“Every day, since I started out in this game, she’s supported me. She’d drive me to the gym, and she’d listen to all my dreams. Dee is a lifesaver for me.
“I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for her, and that’s for sure. I’m doing all of this for her.”

Vegas living

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As McGregor continues through his successful career as a fighter, he hopes to one day settle down with enough money, live the good life with Devlin and eventually have kids.
“One day, I want myself and Dee to be able to chill on a beach and not have any worry in the world. That’s why I’m doing this.”


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For McGregor, he had to become a champion of the heart before he could be a champion in the ring. His story goes to show that with the right partner who constantly pushes you to be better than even you think you can be, it’s amazing what you can accomplish on love and support alone.
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