Chinese Couple Together for 7 Years Has Spent Only 100 Days With Each Other

Chinese Couple Together for 7 Years Has Spent Only 100 Days With Each Other
Ryan General
March 14, 2018
Wan Chunyu and Zhang Jingjing have been in a relationship for seven years, but have spent only 100 days together, unfortunately. 
Wan and Zhang do the two hearts pose. Image via China Daily
The husband and wife, both border officers, were assigned to posts too far apart from each other.
Zhang poses near a river in a forest.
Wan, 31, is stationed in Mohe, Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost county in China, while, Zhang, 28, is stationed in Fuyuan, the most eastern part of China.
When they are apart, the pair can’t wait to be together.
According to China Daily, the couple got married in 2015, but the 2,100-kilometer (1,300-mile) distance between their posts has prevented them from being together frequently.
They make the most of the limited time they have together.
Meeting requires three days of travel time for both of them since there is no direct trains or flights to connect them. Yet, despite their distance and limited time together, their relationship and commitment to each other have remained strong.
Love remains strong for the couple despite the distance.
 “We quite cherish the time we spend together and I feel very happy, even in small things like making a meal for her,” Wan was quoted as saying.
Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the couple was married for seven years. They have been a couple for 7 years, but have been married since 2015.
Featured Image via China Daily
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