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Bay Area Costco stores will soon sell durian-flavored ice cream

  • Mavens Creamery will be rolling out durian-flavored ice cream to 18 Costco stores in the Bay Area starting in early October.
  • The ice cream comes in green and yellow colored pints and is made with fresh durian.
  • Sisters Gwen and Christine Nguyen had the idea for Mavens Creamery back in 2014 when they taught themselves how to make macarons and ice cream through YouTube videos and experiments in their garage.
  • Known for their macaron ice cream sandwiches, Mavens Creamery is currently sold in stores like Safeway and Whole Foods.
  • The ice cream brand also appeared on an episode of “Shark Tank.”

Durian-flavored ice cream will be available in Costco stores in the Bay Area next month. 

Sisters Gwen and Christine Nguyen are the co-founders of Mavens Creamery. Wholesale giant Costco initially approached them years ago for their macaron and ice cream sandwich products, but the pandemic interrupted those plans, according to SFGate

Singaporean man goes full ‘Super Saiyan 3’ for free McDonald’s ice cream in viral video

man screams for icecream
  • A TikTok video of a Singaporean man who screamed his heart out in exchange for free Hershey’s chocolate ice cream from McDonald’s has gone viral.
  • McDonald’s Singapore ran a campaign from Aug. 29 to Aug. 31 that involved screaming at a digital board.
  • Participants who screamed loud enough to fill up the screen were given free ice cream vouchers.
  • The viral video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @yukianggia on Friday, has already garnered over 21 million views and 1.4 million likes.

A TikTok video of a Singaporean man letting out a powerful scream for free McDonald’s ice cream has gone viral.

From Aug. 29 to Aug. 31, McDonald’s Singapore ran a campaign that involved giving participants free Hershey’s chocolate ice cream vouchers if they screamed loud enough at a digital board to fill up its screen 

‘Hermes of ice cream’ that does not melt even when held under a blowtorch astonishes Weibo

  • A Chinese brand of ice cream has been criticized after it was discovered that some of their ice cream does not melt, even when held under a blowtorch.
  • Once considered the “Hermes of ice cream,” Chicecream’s ice creams were seen in a video remaining solid while held under a blowtorch for one hour.
  • Many online users questioned the ingredients of the ice creams with many guessing that the ice creams are filled with additives.
  • Chicecream’s most expensive ice cream costs 66 yuan (approximately $10).
  • The company stated on Wednesday that all of their ice cream products follow national food safety regulations.

A video of a Chinese ice cream refusing to melt under a blow torch has gone viral as many internet users questioned the ice cream’s ingredients.

Zhong Xue Gao, or Chicecream, is a Chinese brand of ice cream once referred to as the “Hermes of ice cream.” The brand’s most expensive ice cream product costs 66 yuan (approximately $10). 

Vanilla ice cream with spicy chili oil — uncovering the origins of a viral TikTok dessert

chili oil ice cream

We’ve seen watermelon with mustard, sugary cucumbers and even sushi pizza. But what about ice cream with chili oil? This viral TikTok dessert isn’t something you can easily find at a nearby grocery store, so people are sharing ways to recreate this surprisingly delicious dessert at home. 

Origins: Before catching the attention of millions of netizens worldwide, this sundae was first consumed in China.

Asian Dad With 3 Kids Chased Out of Ice Cream Shop in the UK, Allegedly Called ‘Monkeys’

ice cream parlor

An employee of an ice cream parlor in England reportedly berated an Asian family, calling them “monkeys” while chasing them out of the store.

Harrowing experience: 40-year-old father Mohammed Abubakar Qasim shared on Facebook how he and his three children received verbal abuse from a worker at Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Mirror Online reports.

Baskin Robbins Accused of Oversexualizing Korean American Model in Ad, Her Mom Responds

Wynne Gross, the mother of Korean American model Ella Gross, responded to accusations that her 11-year-old daughter was sexually exploited in a recent Baskin Robbins commercial.

Intended for South Korean audiences, the controversial ad generated immediate backlash from local viewers who found it to be sexually suggestive. Many criticized the ad for dressing Gross like an adult which some have considered to be “weird and disgusting.”