Filipino Mom Goes Viral After Finding Frozen Spaghetti in Tub of Ice Cream

Filipino Mom Goes Viral After Finding Frozen Spaghetti in Tub of Ice CreamFilipino Mom Goes Viral After Finding Frozen Spaghetti in Tub of Ice Cream
Nikki Calalang has an amusing story to tell about her mother’s recent trip to a local supermarket in the city of San Fernando in the Philippine province of Pampanga.
It all started when her mom purchased a tub of ice cream at a Walter Mart outlet.
However, instead of the Almond Brownie Fudge ice cream promised by the container’s label, the family members found what appeared to be frozen spaghetti inside it.
In her Facebook post that has since gone viral, Calalang expressed her shock, along with some photos of the unfortunate mix-up:
“My mama bought an ice cream at Walter Mart San Fernando. When we opened it, it contained spaghetti. (It’s) LEGIT, I SWEAR HAHAHAHHAHA :(((“
She then followed it up with an appeal to the store to have a refund:
“Hello WalterMart Supermarket, we need a refund, I want an ice cream. Not frozen spaghetti 😭”
Her post became widely shared and was soon flooded with comments from amused netizens.
“Instead of getting pissed, you’ll just laugh it off,” one Facebook user wrote.
“At least it’s not fish,” some commenters sensibly noted.
But there were those who would rather keep the spaghetti.
“Looks delicious, can I have the spaghetti?” wrote another.
The store itself was quick to respond to Calalang’s post.
“Hi Nikki, we are currently investigating on this matter. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can. Thanks,” commented Walter Mart Supermarket’s Official page an hour after she posted the photos.
They brought the spaghetti back to the store, and immediately replaced it with actual ice cream. In her update, Calalang narrated that everything went smoothly, although a bit disappointed they got no free ice cream from the whole ordeal. They were also assured that the “spaghetti incident” will be investigated accordingly.
“Okay, so we went back, went straight to the Customer Service. Same old, they apologized and replaced the spaghetti with a real ice cream. It was okay. They told us that they’re going to investigate, see who put that there and all that.
“They asked me to take down the post, I said no. 🙂 It’s not like we’re mad or something. It was really just hilarious. Coz it really was 😂
“Anyway, they didn’t give us anything other than the ice cream. No complimentary ice cream…. I was really waiting for another ice cream tub jk.”
As of this writing, Calalang’s post has been shared over 12,000 times, received 34,000 reactions and had almost 9,000 comments in less than 24 hours.
Feature Image via Facebook / Nikki Calalang
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