‘Hermes of ice cream’ that does not melt even when held under a blowtorch astonishes Weibo

‘Hermes of ice cream’ that does not melt even when held under a blowtorch astonishes Weibo
Rebecca Moon
July 7, 2022
A video of a Chinese ice cream refusing to melt under a blow torch has gone viral as many internet users questioned the ice cream’s ingredients.
Zhong Xue Gao, or Chicecream, is a Chinese brand of ice cream once referred to as the “Hermes of ice cream.” The brand’s most expensive ice cream product costs 66 yuan (approximately $10). 
Recent videos of the ice cream remaining solid under lighters and blow torches have gone viral, placing pressure on the brand to explain their products’ suspicious resilience. 
In several of the videos, individuals can be seen putting lighters to the ice cream as it barely melts and remains solid. A salt coconut ice cream from Chicecream purportedly did not melt after being left in a room with a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) for an hour, reported The Paper. 
“It is the first time we have heard of the situation that it does not melt,” a staff member for the brand stated per China News Weekly
Many Weibo users questioned the ice cream, with some suggesting that the ice cream was filled with additives. 
“After all, additives are more expensives,” one user commented.
“How can it be digested if it can’t be roasted by fire,” another user questioned.
In response to the internet frenzy, Chicecream stated on Weibo on Tuesday that all of its products followed the national food safety regulations.
“Zhong Xuegao has always adhered to quality first, bringing consumers delicious and high-quality product experience and quality pursuit. All our ice cream products are legally and compliantly produced in accordance with the national standard GB/T 31119-2014 “Frozen Drink Ice Cream”, and leave the factory after passing the test,”  Chicecream stated. “We believe that it is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by baking, drying or heating ice cream. 
Featured Image: CTWANT YouTube
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