This mango-shaped ice cream is selling out in Asian markets after going viral on TikTok

This mango-shaped ice cream is selling out in Asian markets after going viral on TikTok
via @bynessa_ (left, center), @laurielikesfood (right)
Carl Samson
February 20, 2024
A now-elusive, mango-flavored ice cream that mimics the fruit’s look and comes in sturdy packaging has become the latest craze on TikTok, with users documenting their quests to find and finally taste it.
About the ice cream: Hailing from China, the frozen treat, known as Propitious Mango ice cream, has reportedly been sold in Asian supermarkets across the U.S. for months but has only gone viral relatively recently. Described by customers as a mango-flavored, sorbet-like ice cream encased in a white chocolate shell, its appearance mimics that of the tropical fruit, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
With the treat becoming more elusive, trying one has somewhat become a matter of luck. Incidentally, the word “propitious” from its name also means favorable or auspicious, making finding it feel even more special.
What people are saying: Videos of people trying out the treat — which apparently also comes in peach flavor — have gone viral on TikTok. User @laurielikesfood, who found them in a “random Asian grocery shop” in New York after months of searching, rated the mango ice cream 8.5 and the peach 9 out of 10, saying she liked the latter more because it tasted “more peachy than a real peach.”
Others specifically praised the mango ice cream for its creaminess and texture, with some likening it to mango boba milk tea and mango pancakes. TikTok user @bynessa_, who is based in Sydney, said it has “a super-strong flavor that isn’t too sweet” and reminds her of “mango sorbet but creamier.”
Where to get it: Propitious Mango ice cream has reportedly been spotted in various Asian stores and supermarkets across the U.S., including 99 Ranch Market, San Bruno Supermarket in San Francisco and Rong Cheng Inc. in Brooklyn. In Canada, it has been seen in T&T Supermarkets, while Instagram user @bynessa said she found hers in Sydney’s Gong Grocer.
Prices of the treat vary, with some stores reportedly offering individual servings for around $3.29 and sets for about $11.99.
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