Thai Ice Cream Shop Serves the Most Epic Desserts Ever

One ice cream shop in Bangkok, Thailand is probably heaven on Earth for all ice cream lovers out there.
Whether you are in to satisfy your ice cream cravings or you’re there to take an epic sundae photo for Instagram, Mo & Moshi in Bangkok can give you both.
Insider Food recently made a “scoop” of this story about this blockbuster sundae shop in Bangkok.
Their signature Strawberry Supreme sundae is made up of 22 scoops of ice cream and a bunch of other sweets like pretzels, strawberries, waffles and cake.
Apart from the famous giant sundae, they also offer other desserts that come in big servings. But one thing about the shop remains consistent; they will serve you with different kinds of mountains of desserts that are both enormous and pretty.
These monstrous desserts received both positive and negative feedback from online users. Some find it wasteful and call the trend “gluttony at its finest.” Meanwhile, there are others who are appreciative of this “food art.”
“I went there and ate that 22 scoops. Of course, with 5 friends,” one user argued. “So just chill people… don’t make drama about “wasting food” out of it. People go there and have a great time with friends & family. And most of them finish the dish.”
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