The White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream Hype Takes a Shocking Turn

The White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream Hype Takes a Shocking TurnThe White Rabbit Candy Ice Cream Hype Takes a Shocking Turn
Ryan General
March 5, 2019
Stateside fans of the iconic White Rabbit candy were ecstatic over the news that the favorite milky treat from their childhood was being sold as an ice cream flavor by a Los Angeles-based creamery.
However, when the buzz about the new product hit Chinese social media, the candy’s actual manufacturer in Shanghai immediately made it known that it isn’t having any of it. 
According to Shanghai Guanshengyuan Food Co. Ltd., it did not authorize an American company to sell an ice cream flavor named after its product.
The firm noted that it is now investigating the issue after learning that Wanderlust Creamery has been using the candy brand for its limited-edition flavor, reports the Beijing News.
Wanderlust Creamery has been sharing images of the new flavor on its social media accounts since February, noting that it was a collaboration with the website Foodbeast in celebration of the Lunar New Year.
The ice cream, which became a massive hit among customers, recently gained more attention on Facebook and Instagram as more and more netizens discovered the new flavor.
The demand for the product was so great Wanderlust Creamery outlets are often sold out. The company even decided to extend its availability through March to cater to more customers.
Fans of the candy in China have also been making noise online, demanding that the flavor be introduced there as well.
“China doesn’t have it yet, how come it’s already available in the U.S.?” one Weibo user asked, wondering why they’ve been left behind.
However, Guanshengyuan immediately released a statement condemning the viral ice cream flavor as soon as the company got wind of it.
Now, images of the White Rabbit ice cream can no longer be found on Wanderlust Creamery’s Instagram account. Meanwhile, it has yet to take down the images on its Facebook page as of this writing. 
Featured Image via Youtube / The Beijing News
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