Man Goes Viral After Taking Photos of Every Ice Cream Cone He Sees in Japan

Man Goes Viral After Taking Photos of Every Ice Cream Cone He Sees in Japan
Kyle Encina
August 2, 2017
One Chinese man is getting the viral treatment after sharing photos of himself posing alongside various ice cream cone fixtures.
Jason Wong noticed a startling amount of ice cream cone decorations during his trip to Japan.
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Japan is more known for its flamboyant and outrageous sights than the numerous ice cream cone fixtures found all over its cities. However, Wong was curious why no one really appreciated the variety of ice cream cone decorations.
I realized that no one really talks about the ice cream cones,” added Wong, who challenged himself to take photos of every ice cream cone fixture he could find, according to CBS New York.

During the course of his Japan trip, Wong asked his father to help take pictures of him posing alongside ice cream cones of different colors and sizes. Little did he know that the photos would go viral after numerous users saw them on social media.
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I’m really humbled and thankful for all the kind messages that strangers left on my photos,” Wong said.
It seems that the experience accomplished something more than just going viral, it also helped Wong’s relationship with his father.
Wong spoke to NextShark saying that he never really had the chance to bond with his dad after his parents divorced back in 2005. But his trip to Japan gave him that opportunity, as he revealed that they now have “gotten really close over the years.”
Photo via Twitter / Jason Wong
Wong is now more determined than ever to pursue the challenge that helped him mend his relationship with his father.
“I’m determined to keep looking for these ice cream cone fixtures even when I’m back in the US where it’s a lot less common,” Wong shared. “I’m planning to travel more in the coming years once business is more stable so I’m hoping to find these ice cream cone fixtures in every country that I’ll visit.”
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