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Vietnamese Mom Wears ‘Not My Problem’ Shirt While Doing Charity Work

vietnamese mom

While a shirt that says “Not My Problem” may indicate a hint of implied indifference of its wearer, nothing could be further from the truth in the case of a Vietnamese mom who was seen sporting such tee while doing charity work.

The unfortunate gaffe was highlighted by her daughter in a social media post that has received quite the attention on the popular Facebook group, “Subtle Asian Traits.”

11 Gifts Even Your Strict Asian Parents Would Actually Want 

asian parents

Shopping for your parents is no easy task. You probably know them better than anyone else in the world, but somehow it’s intrinsically difficult to find them something that they’d actually like. They tell you that they don’t want anything. They tell you not to waste your money. But if you don’t get them anything — oh boy — they won’t forget that.

Here are some crowd-pleasers that even the strictest of Asian parents would like!

Meet the Asian Parents Who Initially Hated Pets But Are Now Pawsitively in Love

asian pets

You probably begged your parents for a pet when you were growing up. Your classmates had a dog, a cat or even a hamster, but you were left to your own devices. Your strict Asian parents vehemently told you “absolutely no animals” in the house. You cried. It didn’t make a difference. And so, you resigned to Neopets or Club Penguin for another day.

You’re a bit older now and have finally gotten that pet you wanted so much for yourself. Well, guess what? Your parents love that pet to pieces! Sometimes you think even more than they love you.

Son Resented His Dad for Never Saying ‘I Love You’, But Realized It Was There All Along

A parent’s love is expressed in a myriad of ways, but the most powerful gestures are usually unspoken and leave a lasting impact. 

On the popular Facebook group “subtle asian traits,” member Justin Tam posted about a small act of affection from his father Chung, who never said “I love you” or gave him hugs and kisses during most of his childhood. 

Man Barely Escapes Insane ‘Get Out’ Date with Filipina Woman’s Crazy Family

Get Out

While bad dates are a common occurrence in the online dating world, this man’s experience was a horror story involving an entire Asian family.

Southern Californian bachelor Jona Nguyen shared his own tale which is reminiscent of “Get Out” with a Filipino parenting twist. In a post shared to Facebook group Subtle Asian Dating, Nguyen gave a very detailed account of his date with “Jewelia,” a girl he met online nearly a decade ago.

Father in Japan Arrested for Using Dog Shock Collar to Discipline His Children

shock collar

A father from Kitakyushu city, Japan was recently arrested after it was discovered he was using a shock collar for dogs to discipline his three children.

The 45-year-old man, whose name was not revealed, admitted to the police that he had used a stun device on his children, two daughters aged 11 and 13, and a 11-year-old son, when they disobeyed his rules, a police official told Reuters via Japan Today.

Asians Reveal the Craziest Ways Their Parents Punished Them as Kids

It seems like every Asian child has at least one memorable ass whooping story they like to share on repeat. While white parents like to ground their children or take away their phones, immigrant parents like to exercise a bit more creativity — after all, there’s nothing better than the element of surprise, right?

We asked our readers to reveal to us some of the most bizarre ways they were punished by their parents as children, and well, we received an overwhelming number of responses — almost a concerning amount actually.