Asians Reveal The Most Hilarious Christmas Gifts They Got From Their Parents

Asians Reveal The Most Hilarious Christmas Gifts They Got From Their ParentsAsians Reveal The Most Hilarious Christmas Gifts They Got From Their Parents
Asian parents always have their unique ways of doing things, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts. As their children, we may not have always gotten the toys we wanted as children, but looking back, we’ve got some hilarious stories to share.
From cans of coconut milk to mosquito repellents, here are some of the most hilarious gifts Asians have received from their parents. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Romi, 17 Bangladeshi

“All of my classmates celebrated Christmas except for me. My parents are really strict and didn’t want to celebrate Christmas but I was begging so much that they eventually bought me a Christmas present. My parents bought a Jharu. Worst gift ever. Our family has never mentioned Christmas celebrations after that day. A Jharu is a South Asian broomstick.”

Delaney 16, Vietnamese

“The worst Christmas present would probably be a red envelope but instead of money I found a wonderful note that said, ‘we gave you life, you don’t need a present.'”

Hanna 15, Pakistani

“My mom gave me a box of plasters that had the reason why you hurt yourself written on them. The reasons were: shark bite, ninja fight, dance off and jousting. They each came in a bright neon color with bold, black lettering.”

Nani 14, Vietnamese

“When I was 10 my younger brother (9) ran downstairs and flung open the garage to an air hockey and ping pong table. After seeing his gift I excitedly tore open my Disney princess wrapped gift to an empty shoe box with socks and a package of bubble gum.”

Yuke 30, Chinese-Indonesian

“Prayers! They said prayers from parents are always the best.”

George 37, Taiwanese

“My dad would give us red envelopes with money on Christmas but we were required to immediately deposit that money ‘in the bank’. He was the bank. So we basically had to give him the money. But he would deny access to that money if we didn’t have a good reason to spend the money.”

Babalz 16, Indian

“The worst Christmas present I got from my parents and the best presents in their eyes was… free wifi, water, electricity, food, oxygen. Basically me being alive was a present to myself and a roof over my head. Which I guess is a good present after a long time thinking about it.”

Ana 22, Kazakh

“I got a vase. Just a vase. I was still happy and planned on putting it somewhere in my room. Guess what? My mom already took my gift and placed it in the living room lmao, I guess it was our gift.”

Helen 21, Cambodian-Vietnamese-Chinese

“Never received a gift ever from my parents. They say stuff like ‘we put food on the table, bought clothes for you, take you to school, etc’ and they call me and my siblings ungrateful and spoiled lol.”

Dom 26, Filipino

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“Literally got one of those lunch packs where you put your food. It was 2 layers though so it was pretty dope. I got that gift when I was in grade school.”

Mansi 15, Indian

“The worst gift I’ve gotten from my Asian parents is probably a lack of a present lol. Since my birthday is a week before Christmas they tried to be sneaky one year and go out for dinner on my birthday, then claim that was my Christmas present too. I was well fed but very unhappy (I was around 8 or 9 when this happened).”

Rena 16, Chinese

“The worst gift I ever received from my Asian parents was a paper bookmark. No explanation. No real reason. It was the only thing I received and they were super happy with it. We had a good laugh about it a while later.”

Josh 17, Malaysian

“I got a $20 facial scrub and brush which was a free gift from a random store that was given to me as a present.”

Emily 18, Vietnamese

“It wasn’t my parents but my uncle would come to our house for Christmas and he would gift us stuff from our pantry. Once it was salami and the other time it was a can of coconut milk, both from our own house.”

Jamie 14, Chinese

“I was 8 when I received a box in front of my entire extended family, from my parents. I was pretty sure it was the new journal from Claire’s. It ended up being a nightlight designed to repel mosquitos. The worst part is I didn’t know how to react, so I ended up screaming from fake excitement and saying it was what I really needed.”

Tia 16, Vietnamese

“I asked for a puppy, I got a TI-84 calculator and SAT books in the seventh grade. But it’s all useful now lol.”

Ann 27, Filipina

“Panties. Not the cute ones but granny panties!”
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