Hungover Parents Send Daughter the Best Birthday Message Ever After a Night of Drinking in Vegas

Hungover Parents Send Daughter the Best Birthday Message Ever After a Night of Drinking in Vegas

August 1, 2018
A hungover Asian couple sending a sweet and hilarious birthday greeting video to their daughter has touched many netizens who saw their own parents in them.
While uploaded by Austin Lew on his Twitter account @austinlew_ a year ago, the short clip has resurfaced on social media last week and has since gone viral.
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In the video, Lew’s dad and mom are shown lying in their hotel bed in Las Vegas apparently after a night of drinking and partying.
The father said he developed a headache after having just celebrated their daughter’s 21st birthday (she turned 22 last week).
“It’s kind of funny because today is your birthday and I have a headache and you’re my headache,” the flush-faced father said in jest before saying, “I love you.”
“I love you, happy birthday,” the equally flushed mom said sweetly. “We’ll see you when we get home.”
By the end of the clip, the dad let out a totally random message, saying: “I love you and I love boba!”
The mom ended the video by simply saying “We out.”
In an interview with Nextshark, Lew shared that his mom, now aged 42, and dad, 47, were always that funny.
“My family’s relationship is very close and we are all open to each other,” the 20-year-old revealed. “We are all very family oriented.”
Lew also noted that while their parents are open about enjoying partying and going out, they don’t really get drunk often.
After generating hundreds of thousands of views, Lew said that his parents really enjoyed their viral fame and loved the netizens’ positive reactions to their adorable video.
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