Video: Chinese boy refuses to eat his late mother’s final homemade dumplings

Video: Chinese boy refuses to eat his late mother’s final homemade dumplings
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Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 21, 2023
A video depicting a young Chinese boy’s refusal to consume the last of his mother’s dumplings after her passing has garnered significant attention on Chinese social media.
Last plate of dumplings: Douyin user @Tiaotiaorufanchen, from Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province, posted a clip on Dec. 10 showing a young boy unable to bring himself to eat the last plate of dumplings his late mother purportedly made. The child identified only as TaoTao, can be seen sadly looking at the plate before standing up and walking away from the table. 

A mother’s death: TaoTao’s mother reportedly made the dumplings before she succumbed to cancer eight months ago. Taotao’s father cooked the last batch stored in their freezer and told the boy that it would be the last time he would taste his mother’s dumplings. The boy appeared to be so heartbroken that he retreated to his room.
A boy’s strength: According to the father, TaoTao never complained or gave up despite the sorrow he experienced following his mother’s death. 
“My son is very strong, and I believe that Tao Tao will slowly come out of his grief and look forward to the future,” he was quoted by LaiTimes as saying. “Accompanied by his teachers and friends, Tao Tao gradually walked out of the shadow of sadness and faced life again.”
Commenters react: Netizens flooded social media with comments expressing sympathy and understanding for the young boy’s emotional ordeal.
“It is inevitable that we will encounter difficulties and setbacks in life, and we must face them bravely like Taotao,” a commenter wrote. 
“TaoTao’s courage made me see the power of life, and I will cherish everything in front of me,” another reacted. 
“I believe he should sit down and carefully taste that plate of dumplings, then he would never forget that taste for the rest of his life,” one chimed in. 
“The video moved me to tears,” shared another. “I have been preserving the bun my mum made for 11 years after she passed away. Whenever I’m missing her, I smell the bun then put it back in the freezer.”
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