Mom’s Song for 33-Year-Old Son to Find Chinese New Year’s Date Viewed By 6 Million

Mom’s Song for 33-Year-Old Son to Find Chinese New Year’s Date Viewed By 6 MillionMom’s Song for 33-Year-Old Son to Find Chinese New Year’s Date Viewed By 6 Million
Carl Samson
January 15, 2020
A mother in southwestern China has gone viral on social media after breaking into a song (and dance) that encouraged her 33-year-old son to find the love of his life for the Lunar New Year.
Her son, a blogger known as Tao, first posted the recording on a video-sharing platform before others picked it up and shared it on Weibo.
“The fattest flower on the plain, you’re still single at over 30, don’t be discouraged,” Tao’s mother sings, according to the South China Morning Post.
“Although you haven’t grown to be good-looking, you’re not too bad,” the song continues. “Dry your tears and find a date over Lunar New Year!”
Tao’s mother and father perform a song encouraging him to date for the Lunar New Year. Image Screenshot via People’s Daily
It’s not uncommon for older Chinese parents — including relatives — to pry into the lives of their children at this time of the year, especially at the dinner table.
Time and again, those who stay single after the age of 30 find themselves grilled the most.
Image Screenshot via People’s Daily
For this reason, some have opted to hire fake partners to play along with around the family, assuring that their romantic lives are in order.
To please their parents, some also go as far as promising to get married, while couples who already tied the knot may vow to finally have children.
Tao’s sister (second from the left) is seen in a family video. Image Screenshot via SCMP
Tao, who lives in Chengdu, has a 30-year-old sister who is also single.
“My parents are especially determined to get both of us married,” he said, according to Red Star News. “They have outgoing personalities — especially my mum who likes to film short videos of herself dancing.”
Image Screenshot via SCMP
Both Tao’s parents can be seen and heard singing in the video, but it is his mother who truly takes the spotlight.
Weibo users praised them for their lighthearted approach in pushing Tao to date, but others criticized him for “not trying harder.”
“His mom is so cute!”
“I’d like them to be my parents-in-law!”
“It must be a joy to have such parents!”
“Single people are most afraid of getting married.”
“Seeing his parents live in such a house explains why he isn’t worried about finding someone.”
Feature Image Screenshots via SCMP (left) and People’s Daily (Right)
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