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Chinese groom has to watch his own wedding through livestream after venue bars him over ‘outdated’ COVID test

  • A Chinese groom watched his wedding on a WeChat livestream after he and other guests were told to wait outside the venue after their COVID-19 tests were deemed invalid after a change in time requirements. 
  • The groom, surnamed Deng, 28, said that he was “about to cry” until his friend began recording a video of the experience to cheer him up and “make me laugh.”
  • The video was posted to the Chinese TikTok platform Douyin, garnering 591,000 likes since it was uploaded on April 27.
  • Once Deng received a new negative test result that afternoon, he returned to the venue where celebrations resumed.

A Chinese groom was forced to watch his wedding on a WeChat livestream after the venue barred him and several other guests from entering due to an “outdated” COVID test, following a last-minute change to the testing requirements.

The 28-year old groom, surnamed Deng, was originally told that all guests needed to provide a negative COVID-19 test “within four days” of his April 26 wedding. At noon on the day of the event, however, the venue informed them that the requirement was changed to mandate negative test results within 48 hours.

California bride goes viral for wearing $47 Shein dress at her ‘minimal’ wedding

viral shein wedding dress
  • A couple in California held a low-cost wedding at which the bride wore a $47 wedding dress from Chinese online fast fashion retailer Shein to keep it “as minimal as possible.”
  • Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough picked a free location near a motorway in California and did not provide food or drinks for the guests, inviting only 30 to 40 of their closest friends and family members.
  • Kiara said that she did not buy an expensive wedding dress because she was only going to wear it “one time for a few hours.”
  • The bride posted two videos of her big day on TikTok, one of which has garnered over 1 million views and 113,400 likes since it was uploaded last month.

A couple in California got married off of a California motorway in a ceremony where the bride wore a $47 dress from Shein.

While planning their wedding, Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough decided to keep their wedding “as minimal as possible” with an event budget of $500.

Video of Chinese bride racing to meet her groom stuck in lockdown garners over 280 million views on Weibo

bride rush to groom
  • After her groom in China was stranded at home on his wedding day due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations, a bride in China rushed to meet him so the two could get married.
  • A now viral video was posted to Weibo showing the hasty journey that the bride, Amanda Liu, made to meet her groom, Jia Shihan, at his home on March 19.
  • Traditionally, the groom picks up the bride for the wedding ceremony; however, Jia was unable to do so, as he was stopped by security guards from leaving his home due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.
  • The couple instead held a small and simple ceremony with relatives and neighbors at Jia’s home.
  • The video has amassed 280 million views on Weibo since it was uploaded on Monday.

A bride in China raced to meet her fiancé, who was stuck at home due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations, so the two could get married.

The couple, who are both from Tangshan in the northern part of China’s Hebei Province, were scheduled to hold their wedding ceremony on March 19. The groom, Jia Shihan, had planned to pick up the bride, Liu Chang, at 6 a.m.

‘You’re the rice to my Chickenjoy’: Filipino American couple hold their wedding reception at Jollibee

jollibee couple
  • Filipino American couple Angelica and Robin San Felipe held their wedding reception and photoshoot at a Jollibee in Daly City, San Francisco.
  • The couple first met in college at a university in the Philippines, but their relationship only blossomed after reconnecting in California years later. The San Felipes soon became best friends who constantly met up at the Filipino fast-food restaurant.
  • “Jollibee holds a special place in our hearts,” Robin said. “It’s a special spot for us because there were multiple conversations, hours of laughter, sometimes we’d cry because of certain events but pretty much everything happened in that location.”
  • “Jollibee is our happy place. It was effortless to show our joy while being photographed,” Angelica shared.

Filipino American couple Angelica and Robin San Felipe held their wedding reception at their beloved Jollibee in San Francisco.

Thousands of miles away from the Philippines, the iconic, red-and-yellow smiling Jollibee still brings love together. 

Woman in China cuts up shop’s 32 wedding dresses worth $11,000 after not getting her deposit back

woman 32 dresses

A woman in Chongqing City recently went viral after she was filmed ruining 32 wedding dresses with a pair of scissors to get back at a bridal shop that refused to return her wedding package down payment from last November. 

The incident happened at a bridal shop in Chongqing’s Jiangjin district on Jan. 9 when the woman, identified as Jiang, was filmed cutting expensive gowns in the store, Newsweek reported.

Australian couple who bonded through boba marries in Gong Cha shop

Gong Cha Wedding

An Australia-based couple delighted social media users after sharing their recent wedding at a bubble tea shop in Brisbane on December 8th.

In a now-viral post in the popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, a 25-year-old Singaporean man named Leonard Pang shared images of his wedding with his 22-year-old Australian wife Gina at a Gong Cha outlet in Brisbane. 

Caught on camera: Husband’s awkward reaction to his wife’s ex embracing her at their wedding

Man watches uncomfortably as wife’s ex hugs her at their wedding

A TikTok video recently went viral showing an Indonesian bride embracing her ex-boyfriend at her wedding, to the groom’s obvious discomfort.

It’s really awkward: An Indonesian man was filmed not knowing what to do as his wife’s ex-boyfriend came up to her during their wedding to share a long hug . It was not made clear when and where the ceremony took place.

Former Princess Mako finally marries, becomes a commoner despite years of relentless public hounding

princess mako marries kei komuro japan

Mako Komuro, formerly known as Princess Mako, and her long-term partner Kei Komuro who was the subject of controversies and the Japanese public’s disapproval, married on Tuesday.

Their journey recapped: In 2017, Mako, the granddaughter of former Emperor Akihito, publicly announced her engagement to Kei, a commoner. It meant that she would need to renounce her royal title and become a commoner once married.