Indonesian pet owners spend over $13,000 on their dogs’ wedding

Indonesian pet owners spend over $13,000 on their dogs’ weddingIndonesian pet owners spend over $13,000 on their dogs’ wedding
A pair of dogs in Indonesia have gone viral on TikTok for their lavish wedding.
What happened: On July 14, two Alaskan Malamutes named Jojo and Luna got married at a dog park in North Jakarta. Their owners, Valentina Chandra and Indira Ratnasari, reportedly paid over 200 million rupiah (approximately $13,300) for the extravagant affair.
Videos of the dogs were widely shared online, with one clip garnering over 4.2 million views and more than 439,000 likes.
In the videos, Jojo and Luna, who were married by a purported “religious leader,” can be seen wearing traditional Javanese clothing designed especially for them.
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The pets even had a wedding procession that incorporated Javanese customs. 
Why they did it: Chandra wanted to throw a birthday party for Jojo at first, but she eventually decided to shell out on last week’s wedding ceremony and an engagement ceremony in May, Kompas reported.
Social media reacts: Several TikTok users were quick to react to videos of the special event.
“More luxurious than my wedding,” one user jokingly wrote.
“Rich people are different,” another user commented.
“I’m the one who is struggling to save money to get married, [then] see this,” another user said.

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