Chinese woman and fiance who spent $276,000 on his cancer treatment goes viral

Chinese woman and fiance who spent $276,000 on his cancer treatment goes viral
via Yangzi Evening News
Bryan Ke
17 days ago
A woman who pledged to spare no expense on medical treatment for her fiance after he was diagnosed with cancer just two months before their wedding has elicited praise and sympathy on Chinese social media.
Key points:
  • Liu Yue, a woman from Henan province, shared her story with Chinese media in March. Liu said she and her fiance, Zhi Aohong, have already spent nearly 2 million yuan ($276,000), including all of their savings, for his cancer treatment.
  • Zhi was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, a rare disease with a five-year survival rate of below 20% in China, two months before their wedding.
  • “I will be the one who keeps out the wind and rain for him,” Liu was quoted saying.

The details:
  • The couple have been dating for 10 years. They learned of Zhi’s diagnosis while they were preparing for their wedding.
  • Liu told local press that her fiance stopped his studies after graduating secondary school and began working to support her. While he lived frugally, Zhi reportedly sent money for her college and graduate degree studies, Liu said.
  • Liu would often try to uplift Zhi’s spirits by telling him stories, singing and dancing to help him get through the treatment.
  • Besides the amount they already spent, Liu said Zhi’s medication he must take every two days costs tens of thousands of yuan.
  • Liu said Zhi had already received a bone marrow transplant, but his condition relapsed and he suffered complications. In a Weibo post on March 21, Liu said they had already spent all of their money so Zhi could have his second bone marrow transplant.
  • Liu told Henan TV’s City Report that she would never leave his side and would continue to wait for their wedding. While she is remaining optimistic, Liu said she had already prepared for the worst, noting that she would still honor his parents even if he is gone
How people reacted:
  • Liu and Zhi’s story has tugged the heart of many Weibo users, with one user asking in their comment, “This is true love, right?” as City Report’s account responded, “True love that has passed the test of time and illness.”
  • “I also hope to see your wedding,” another Weibo user commented.
  • “True love is supporting each other,” one user wrote.
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