Video: Filipino American bride shares how she incorporated Filipino culture into her wedding

Video: Filipino American bride shares how she incorporated Filipino culture into her weddingVideo: Filipino American bride shares how she incorporated Filipino culture into her wedding
via TikTok / @kristinarodulfo
Michelle De Pacina
August 24, 2023
Kristina Rodulfo, a Filipino American writer and beauty expert, has gone viral on TikTok for sharing the nine ways in which she incorporated her Filipino culture into her wedding. 
The Filipino-inspired wedding: In the video, Rodulfo begins with explaining how her and her then-fiance invited guests to fill their gift bags with an assortment of Filipino snacks, such as polvorón (shortbread), dried mango and Filipino corn chips.
Next, the bride says she showed off her floral earrings — made by Filipino-owned jewelry brand Mestiza — at her rehearsal dinner.
As for the couple’s actual wedding, they performed the traditional veil and the cord ceremony, which is a ritual that involves the participation of chosen godfathers and godmothers to place a lace veil over the bride’s head and the groom’s shoulder to symbolize unity. 
However, Rudolfo notes that they “used the non-denominational script, and instead of Titos or Titas [uncles or aunts], [they] had close friends and family act as sponsors.”
The couple also paid homage to Filipino flavors by serving a whole lechón (roasted suckling pig) with bao buns and adding a calamansi (Philippine lime) signature cocktail to their wedding bar. 
During the reception, Rudolfo flaunted a traditional Filipiniana dress with detachable Terno sleeves by the Niana collection.
Filipino dances: Lastly, the couple performed three traditional Filipino dances, including the money dance, the pantomina dance and the line dance. 
The money dance is a cultural tradition at many wedding receptions where guests line up and pin money to the clothing of the bride and groom as a way to bless their marriage. The Pantomina dance is a traditional folk dance performed at weddings by Filipinos in the Bicol region, where Rudolfo’s parents are from. The dance is meant to mimic the courting movements of a hen and rooster or doves.
“He’s not Filipino so the fact that he would embrace my culture in this way was really touching,” Rodulfo says in a separate TikTok video. “It was a total surprise to our guests, most who had no idea about this dance.”
As for Rodulfo’s final incorporation, she made sure her guests swayed to the line dance, “because a Filipino wedding is not complete without the ‘Todo, Todo’ (song and choreography).” 
Reactions: Rodulfo’s TikTok has since garnered more than 420,000 views, with many viewers congratulating the couple and praising their tributes to Filipino culture. Many Filipino Americans also thanked her for sharing her ideas, noting that they will perform the same traditions in their future weddings.
“This is beautiful! I can’t wait to do some of the same traditions at my future wedding,” one user wrote.
About the bride: Rodulfo, who grew up in Queens, New York, was an editor at publications like Elle, PopSugar, InStyle and Women’s Health, according to her website. She is currently an independent consultant, writer and content director. 
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