Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu says he was paid $115,000 for 2 photos at a wedding

Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu says he was paid $115,000 for 2 photos at a weddingTaiwanese TV host Jacky Wu says he was paid $115,000 for 2 photos at a wedding
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Bryan Ke
March 9, 2023
Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu recently revealed that a wealthy Chinese couple once paid $115,000 for him to appear at their extravagant wedding and take pictures with him.
The 60-year-old veteran presenter told the jaw-dropping story in a Feb. 20 episode of his variety show “Super Followers.”
In the episode, Wu explained that his manager had accepted the couple’s wedding invitation, which carried an 800,000 yuan (approximately $115,000) paycheck, without Wu’s consent.
At the time, Wu wanted to be with his family as he had just returned from a performance in Shanghai. However, he eventually agreed to fly with his manager to Shenyang, the capital of China’s Liaoning province, to attend the wedding.
Upon landing in Shenyang, the two reportedly rushed to the venue and arrived at around 7 p.m. Wu recalled that he and his manager were seated at their own table backstage.
After settling in, he later realized that the wedding was attended by several big personalities, including famous actors and musicians such as Chinese singer Sun Nan, who was there to perform for the newlyweds.
Wu said he found it strange that nobody called for him to go onstage.
He eventually found out that the groom, the son of a wealthy tycoon in China known as “Dongbei’s steel king,” sang Wu’s hit 1987 song, “Do You Remember Me on a Night Like This,” to propose to his soon-to-be wife.
During the reception, the newlyweds reportedly went to Wu and asked him to take a couple of pictures with them before leaving his table.
Wu said he continued waiting since he had already prepared a performance for the event. The Taiwanese host realized that he was solely invited to the ceremony to take pictures with the newlyweds once he noticed guests starting to leave.
Wu shared that he repeatedly asked his manager to confirm the payment.
“Eight hundred thousand yuan to take two photos!” he exclaimed in disbelief on his show.
To top it all off, the newlyweds also reportedly booked him a presidential suite in a luxury hotel for that night.

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