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Clarks uses ‘Blaze Kick’ in fire new shoe collaboration with Pokémon

  • Clarks has partnered with Pokémon for a new design on the shoe brand’s Wallabee silhouette.
  • The shoes, which have a Pokéball design on the heel, come in either black or yellow and are debossed with Pokémon’s iconic electric mouse, Pikachu.
  • According to the Clarks UK website, they also have a children’s version of their Grip Pearl model of sneakers with Pokéballs on the velcro strap and sole, with a choice of Pikachu, Squirtle or Mewtwo at the heel and matching color schemes for the respective Pokémon.
  • The Pikachu Wallabee costs $180, while the kid’s shoes are about $55-60.

Clarks Originals released some electrifying new kicks in collaboration with Pokémon for their Wallabee lineup.

The new shoes come in two colors: black suede and a darkish yellow, and both are debossed with Ash’s trusty companion, Pikachu, in various poses so the “Pokémon Yellow” starter can be with its wearer every step of the way. The heels of the shoes are marked with a Pokéball design. 

Sportsmanship of Malaysian badminton coach who lent his shoes to rival Jamaican player hailed online

  • When a Jamaican badminton player’s shoes were damaged during a match at the Commonwealth Games 2022, a rival Malaysian coach lended the player his shoes.
  • A video of the moment was uploaded to Twitter on Saturday, with many calling it a “display of sportsmanship.”
  • The Jamaican player continued to play in the Malaysian coach’s shoes for the double matches later in the day as well.
  • The video has garnered over 127,000 views and 4,000 likes since being uploaded.

A Malaysian badminton coach has been hailed online for his display of sportsmanship after loaning his shoes to a Jamaican player during a match.

While competing against Ng Tze Yong at the Commonwealth Games 2022 between Jamaica and Malaysia, Jamaican badminton player Samuel Ricketts’ shoes were badly damaged.

GLAAD is auctioning Bowen Yang’s head-turning Emmy platform heels for Spirit Day

Bowen Yang auction

LGBTQ+ nonprofit group GLAAD is auctioning off comedian and actor Bowen Yang’s iconic silver platform shoes that he wore during the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards in September.

The swag: The shoes, a pair of silver Rancho platforms by Syro, are up for auction on eBay with the current bid at $520, according to New Now Next. Bidders can try their luck to get the shoes until Oct. 16.

Asian and Black Ballerinas Can Now Buy Shoes to Match Their Skin Tone


Ballerina shoes have traditionally been more of a pink or cream color, but a collaboration in the UK has developed shoes for non-white ballet dancers. 

A dance company for Ethnic Minorities called Ballet Black and well-known manufacturer of dance shoes Freed of London have worked together to create shoes with colors that include “Ballet Bronze” and “Ballet Brown.”