Chinese Carpenter Makes ‘Chanel’ High Heels Out of Bamboo

Chinese Carpenter Makes ‘Chanel’ High Heels Out of Bamboo
Carl Samson
September 10, 2018
A skillful carpenter in southern China has wowed netizens after making a pair of “Chanel” heels out of bamboos.
In a video filmed on Aug. 26, the carpenter, known only by Yang, is seen collecting two bamboo branches to create his version of high heels from the luxury label.
Yang cuts and polishes the branches first.
He then draws marks around them for a layout.
Yang goes on to carve, cut and polish some more.
He attaches the heels using a pair of bamboo nails.
Finally, he fashions a logo of Chanel and attaches it on the vamp.
The result is a masterful craftsmanship unlikely to fool anyone at first sight.
Yang took only a day to make the shoes in his home in Guangxi region.
It turns out that the 60-year-old carpenter has been honing his craft for 16 years.
What do you think about Yang’s work?
Image Screenshots via YouTube / Strange Life
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