Japanese Girls Stomp on American Tourist Because He Has a Foot Fetish

Japanese Girls Stomp on American Tourist Because He Has a Foot Fetish
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 2, 2018
An unusual scene involving a male foreigner and his female partner surrounded by other women with cameras recently greeted passersby at a busy area in Tokyo.
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Commuters were intrigued to find the Japanese girls individually stepping on a foreigner’s head outside Shibuya Station.
Images of the disturbing scene soon became widely shared on Twitter. In one of the Twitter posts, a group of images shows a woman who first pressed her boot into the man’s mouth and then walked on the rest of his body.
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Upon closer inspection, the images reveal what was actually happening — the group in the images were performing an odd public display of erotism.
via Twitter / kantoujin1
The man and woman in the now-viral pictures are apparently indulging in a form of “shoe fetishism,” according to SoraNews24.
Twitter users reportedly identified the man as “Lou-chan,” an American who identifies as a foot fetishist.
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His social media account bio indicated that Lou-chan is from Brooklyn, New York, and has an “undying passion for Japan.” It further stated that he is an occasional English teacher who speaks fluent Japanese.
via Facebook / Lou Chan
He noted that the only thing he likes more than Japan is getting stepped on by women because of the thrill he gets from being bullied by them. 
Images posted on his accounts reveal that he met a number of young women who happily obliged to his perversions.
Featured Image via Twitter / kantoujin1 (left) | fussy___ (right)
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