Japanese Woman Goes Viral For Her Fantastic Pigeon Shoes

Japanese Woman Goes Viral For Her Fantastic Pigeon Shoes
Ryan General
May 29, 2017
A Japanese woman recently went viral for her fancy DIY shoes that look so fly she has birds flocking around her.
Wearing shoes that resemble a pair of pigeons, the woman was spotted trotting in a public park. Images of her pigeon shoes have hit the internet and a collective “why?” has echoed on social media.
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According to My Modern Met, pigeon shoes-creator Kyoto Ohata, regularly passes through a nearby park that is home to hundreds of pigeons.
She reportedly noticed that the birds would often scatter away when she walks by.
Concerned that her human presence was affecting the birds negatively, Ohata decided to do something about it by creating DIY shoes that are shaped like pigeons.
The eye-catching result is undeniably unique and makes for an interesting conversation starter. Now both the park pigeons (and some curious onlookers) adore her and her hilarious pair of DIY bird shoes.
In case you want to make your own pair of pigeon shoes, here’s a helpful step by step guide from Ohata herself.
First, Ohata carved pigeon heads from foam and then covered them with felt for texture.
She then glued the formed pigeon bodies on some cheap heels.
Ohata created some wing pieces from a denser felt and attached some smaller circles of gray and black felt to form the feathers.
Then it’s time to give the shoes some wings:
For detail, Ohata made two attached spheres out of softer felt and used them to make the birds’ eyes and nostrils.
She then used larger feather shapes to cover the tips of the shoes.
To make the shoe’s bird feet heels, she used some rigid wire and covering them in red felt. You can also add some optional design accents if you’re feeling a bit artsy.
Attach all the parts as pictured and you’ve got yourself a pair of pigeon shoes.
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