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Seoul Now Has AirBnB Experiences That Teach You How to Sing and Dance Like a K-Pop Idol


Those who have enmeshed themselves in the K-pop world long before BTS and BLACKPINK set milestones in the international music scene would by now be familiar with the rich diversity the genre has to offer.

Over time, in ideal conditions, a K-pop act develops his/her/their own unique style, either by building upon a core concept (think TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet and the Orange Caramel) or experimenting with fresh elements to set a new trend (cue NCT, GOT7, f(x) and SHINee).

Swedish Woman Claims Korean Girls Brutally Beat Her After Asking Them For a Tissue

korean girls

A Swedish woman living in Seoul, South Korea took to Facebook to share images of the aftermath of an attack that allegedly took place in a public restroom in Itaewon.

According to the post written by user 사라리팍 (Sarah), the attack was reportedly sparked on July 11 when the woman and her friend asked two Korean girls for tissues after realizing that their stall was out of toilet paper.

Horror Icon James Wan to Produce Hollywood Remake of Korea’s ‘Train to Busan’

Prolific horror icon James Wan will be producing the Hollywood remake of the South Korean zombie film “Train to Busan.” 

The talented Malaysian Australian filmmaker, who helmed “Saw,” “The Conjuring” series, the “Insidious” series, “Furious 7,” and the upcoming “Aquaman” film, will be working with “IT” writer Gary Dauberman for the English language version of the hit movie.

Ariana Grande Under Fire For Being Rude in South Korea After First Concert

Ariana Grande was set to perform at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea on August 14 as part of her “Dangerous Woman” tour, but left fans with a sour taste following the concert’s conclusion.

According to Allkpop, fans are criticizing the 24-year-old pop star for her “rude” and “unprofessional” behavior. Grande agitated her restless fans after arriving late at the concert venue.

Samsung Chairman’s Daughter Ordered By Court to Give Ex-Husband $7.64 Million

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s eldest daughter, Lee Boo-jin, has been ordered by a court in Seoul to provide her ex-husband with millions of dollars worth of assets.

Boo-jin, who is also the CEO of luxury hotel Shilla, holds a large amount of shares in South Korea’s tech giant Samsung, with Forbes estimating the 46-year-old‘s net worth at roughly around $2 billion.

Elephants Squad Up to Rescue Baby From Drowning at South Korean Zoo

An incredible moment passed when two adult elephants came to the rescue of a calf drowning in a swimming pool at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea.

Surveillance footage released by the zoo on June 18 shows the baby elephant playing in the water near the adult elephants when the calf suddenly loses its balance and falls into the enclosure’s pool, according to ABC News.