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‘Poor old uncle had to clean’: Teens who filmed messy ‘pranks’ in Singapore McDonalds draw criticism

  • Social media users are criticizing a group of teens who made a mess while pulling pranks inside a McDonald’s restaurant in Singapore.
  • The stunts involved a boy slapping his face with ice cream and another teen pouring two cups of water onto himself while two girls filmed him. 
  • In both of the stunts, the teens left a mess for the restaurant staff to clean up.
  • Commenters criticized the teens for their behavior, which some attributed to poor parenting.

Social media users are denouncing the actions of a group of teens in Singapore who filmed themselves pulling pranks inside a McDonald’s restaurant at Punggol Safra.

Facebook page Singapore Incidents shared a clip on Monday showing a teen boy carrying two cups of water and then pouring the contents onto himself while inside the fast food restaurant. Two girls can be seen filming the boy as he does the stunt. Immediately after the act, the group bolts out of the restaurant running.

Wife Trolls Husband By Booking Him a Hello Kitty-Themed Hotel Room

hello kitty

A Malaysian man got an unexpectedly cute surprise after checking into a Hello Kitty-themed room that his wife booked for him and his friend. 

Amy Medusa, a videographer and photographer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, discovered he was pranked on Twitter on July 9, World of Buzz reported. Medusa posted images of vibrant pink walls, Hello Kitty drawings, and plush toys plastered all around the room he was sharing with a friend.

YouTuber Brings Walmart Employee to Tears After ‘Firing’ Her in Cruel Prank

YouTubers behind the channel “Joel and Lauren TV” have received backlash for reducing a Walmart employee to tears after pretending to “fire” her in a video.  

Lauren Love and her partner, Joel Ashley, whose channel has over 1.3 million subscribers, are known for posting “prank” videos. The content creators have three other channels with a combined following of over 500,000, CBS News reports.

New Viral Trend in China Shows People Pulling ‘Jewelry Stealing Prank’ on Horrified Employees

jewelry prank

The Malaysian viral “shoe-stealing prank” has spread to China and gave birth to a new version where people pull a “jewelry-stealing prank” on unsuspecting jewelry clerks.

In the clip, a person will pose as a potential buyer of a piece of jewelry. They ask to try on a necklace; once it’s already on, the prankster makes a slow dash across the room – usually towards the door – that would then prompt the clerk to take quick action.

Teens Forced to Sleep in Graveyard as Punishment for Pulling Halloween Prank

halloween prank

Two teenage boys from Indonesia were forced to sleep in graveyards after neighbors discovered their identity in what can be considered as a Halloween prank gone wrong – at least for the pranksters.

The two unnamed boys were reportedly trying to pull a prank on their neighbors in the city of Depok, in West Java, Indonesia dressed as Pocongs, which are also known as wrapped ghosts that are believed to be zombie-like ghosts that are wrapped in white clothing from head to toe aside from the face.