Teens Forced to Sleep in Graveyard as Punishment for Pulling Halloween Prank

Teens Forced to Sleep in Graveyard as Punishment for Pulling Halloween Prank
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
October 23, 2018
Two teenage boys from Indonesia were forced to sleep in graveyards after neighbors discovered their identity in what can be considered as a Halloween prank gone wrong – at least for the pranksters.
The two unnamed boys were reportedly trying to pull a prank on their neighbors in the city of Depok, in West Java, Indonesia dressed as Pocongs, which are also known as wrapped ghosts that are believed to be zombie-like ghosts that are wrapped in white clothing from head to toe aside from the face.
But the prank that the teens first saw on the internet did not go as smoothly as planned. Their neighbors immediately recognized them even with their get up and makeup and were immediately reported to the local authorities.
The locals secured them and the boys admitted to have been influenced by what they saw on Instagram. They say they often watched silly videos, so they made themselves up to look like pocongs and appeared on a field,” Arsyad, the head of the neighborhood, told Tribunnews as translated by Coconuts Jakarta.
The locals punished them by making them sleep in a graveyard near Gelora field. They were told to sleep there until their parents came to pick them up. They are still little, so we did not do anything else,” the neighborhood head continued in the statement.
Sleeping on the graveyard was only the tip of the iceberg. They were also scolded by their parents and had their smartphones taken away from them as part of the punishment.
Featured Image via Instagram / infodepok_id
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