‘Poor old uncle had to clean’: Teens who filmed messy ‘pranks’ in Singapore McDonalds draw criticism

‘Poor old uncle had to clean’: Teens who filmed messy ‘pranks’ in Singapore McDonalds draw criticism
Ryan General
May 3, 2022
Social media users are denouncing the actions of a group of teens in Singapore who filmed themselves pulling pranks inside a McDonald’s restaurant at Punggol Safra.
Facebook page Singapore Incidents shared a clip on Monday showing a teen boy carrying two cups of water and then pouring the contents onto himself while inside the fast food restaurant. Two girls can be seen filming the boy as he does the stunt. Immediately after the act, the group bolts out of the restaurant running.
According to the post, a boy from the group had earlier “slapped his face with an ice cream and threw it on the floor.”
The caption also noted that an older worker had to clean up the mess the teens left behind.
“The poor old uncle had to clean after their mess. On top of that, they did not clear their trays.”
As of this writing, the clip has been viewed over 60,000 times and has attracted over 130 comments. 
Commenters criticized the teens for the behavior, which some pointed out was an act of stupidity.
“Have brains the size of peas. Pure stupidity and a public nuisance,” a commenter said.
Some lamented that the acts were nothing but an attempt to film a viral social media video. 
“For the sake of a Tiktok video or fame or viewers ???” wrote another. “Do it at home la why inconvenient the staff. Inconsiderate ppl.”
Meanwhile, other commenters attributed the teens’ behavior to poor parenting.
“Making a fool of themselves at the expense of the poor service staff,” a user wrote. “Another upbringing issue.”
“Who’s kids are they? Escapee from orphanage? No parents teach,” noted another. 
Featured Image via Singapore Incidents
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